Ahem | How to Earn +$1,200 Passively

Ahem | How to Earn +$1,200 Passively

By Bayarizard | Ahem | 6 Sep 2020



Earning an extra USD$1,200 a year can be broken down to the task of earning: USD$100/month or merely USD$3/day and some change.

Side note: In preparation for two upcoming posts on Nigeria & Namibia, I am going to start including fiat snapshots of these two African countries.

Above calculations work out to be:

₦1,156.80 or NAD$49.80/day

₦34,704 or NAD$1,494/month

₦416,448 or NAD$17,928/year

... cost of living adjustments aside, it's a stark comparison. 


The topic of this post constitutes as a bonus passive income ides that could potentially come in handy in a pinch; but do not (currently) yield enough to pay the average rent.

There are many ways to earn income; but not necessarily that many to do so passively.

By passive, I mean:

1. After initial set up, earnings rain in without extra effort
2. Income comes in 24/7
3. Last and probably most important: Earnings can be withdrawn & used within 48 hours

All this with my personal added scrutiny -- "is this income scale-able" -- without breaking the site or diminishing my earning potential?

Mining may come to mind for many, or even running Masternodes (Mmm ... Energi Masternodes); but no, I'm not talking about either of those today; nor am I listing Presearch, Brave Browser, or even Publish0x today.

The list below are a few sites that can help you earn that extra +USD$3/day (₦1,156.80 or NAD$49.80). Let's begin!

Idle Empire


Idle Empire can be pretty much summed up as: "Swagbucks on steroids where you can cash out into Crypto same day"

Bayarizard.- September

This site has several ways to earn +USD$3/day by itself -- though since surveys aren't passive, and involve a little soul-selling, I'll stick to the passive techniques -- but in short, I honestly this site to cash out Crypto and other gift cards immediately, for cheap or free (linking other accounts to it in the process). ... and they DO have A LOT of selections.

Especially since the next mention on the list may be the most lucrative of them all ...



This site is pretty straight forward: leaving videos running 24/7 runs up the viewer counter so Content Creators get "views".

Some I DO watch, but after falling asleep and waking up to this ... 

Bayarizard.- September

 ... it definitely made me realize that viewers aren't paid to watch the videos, but rather to NOT skip the Ads.

Bayarizard.- September

This all works out to about USD$0.10/hour (₦38.56/hour or NAD$1.66/hour) in gift cards to basically watch tutorials & vlogs like one would do on YouTube.

Bayarizard.- September

Other Crypto are available to cash out in -- including Ethereum, Basic Attention Token and Dogecoin among others; for a zero transfer fee, users can send their Crypto to their Coinbase accounts.

... but there's a site that might have a a rivalry in Crtpto selection:



Yes, most of us have probably already made a decision concerning collecting Crypto from Coinpot tokens.

The "Crypto Faucets" that dole out pieces of Crypto, which thanks to depreciation increase in value; since the site managers are more interested in advertising revenue, they give out free Bitcoin Core, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin & Bitcoin Cash; to entice HodLers into clicking their way through Captcha verifications to a potential USD$400/year in Crypto payouts ... only Crypto though, no gift cards or fiat.

 Before I go any further on the subject -- I wanted to direct your attention to Thomas Wolf, who has gone to lengths to describe the process in detail (linked here), and probably earns more than I do per day from it (0.00008BTC or 8,000 Sats or ₦308.48 or NAD$13.28).


I did want to add S'more to this list ...

Bayarizard.- September

...but even though it is passive, USD$0.10 (₦38.56 or NAD$1.66) in gift cards per day isn't as helpful as the above mentioned sites.

Whether any of these were useful, or just an amusing diversion, I hope this proved informative in the very least. Thank you for reading, and I hope you stay safe!


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