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By Bayarizard | C.A.S.H. | 22 Oct 2020



When valuing my Blockfolio in Bitcoin Core, I am a Crypto Crab ๐Ÿฆ€ -- sharing what I earn and learn makes me a Crypto Activist StakeHodLer

Bayarizard - Oktober

Before I discuss the allocations, here's the chart I wrote an article about (linked here), that I'll be referencing for the Crypto Animal corresponding to my position size -- as you'll note, the Animal chartings are relative to the project -- hence even though my overall Blockfolio makes me a Crypto ๐Ÿฆ€ concerning BTC Sats,ย I don't have a full Bitcoin.

Without further ado ...

Bayarizard - Oktober

When the price of one Bitcoin jumped recently, thanks to my Blockfolio being filled with Stablecoins & diversified, it decreased in value against it.

My top 10 positions to date

...ย excluding Stablecoins:

[1st] | Blockfolio allocation - 58.5%
The allocation rose by 6% since last month thanks to a recent bump up in price; hoping to introduce the idea I got from playing a ton of board games ๐ŸŽฒ soon -- it involves Nexo, YouTube, Giveaways and keeping promises ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

[2nd] | Blockfolio allocation - 16.2%
This jumped 3% month over month, but my Blockfolio against Bitcoin has been floundering lately.

[3rd] | Blockfolio allocation - (6.2%)
This allocation jumped only 1%, but two places (up from 5th) after I was out of work for an unfortunate amount of time.

[4th] | Blockfolio allocation - (5.64%)
Dropped from 3rd to 4th and 4% with failure of giveaways -- but since the Perpetual Giveaway hasn't hurt as much as previously thought (yes, those listed here are getting monthly BAT from me) -- I feel I should try to expand on this somehow; more on that hopefully soon

[5th] | Blockfolio allocation - (5%)
This dropped 1 position place, and 3% in Blockfolio weight from last month, but I honestly want to keep this neck2neck or at a 10:1 or 50:1 ratio to BTC.

[6th] | Blockfolio allocation -(3.5%)
This stayed the same allocation & in the same place, but as I stated last month: it may be prioritized more going forward

[7th] | Blockfolio allocation - (2.1%)
Link's Blockfolio weight was halved in September and hasn't recovered since -- but is nearing the new DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) point, in which I'll restart my slow investment in it -- after all, it's one of the many assets I can up to earn 5% on it.

[8th] | Blockfolio allocation - (1.9%)
This stayed at the same allocation weight, but took XTZ's place, after a hard month -- it's the first coin most of my friends purchased when they started in Crypto

[9th] | Blockfolio allocation - (0.3%)
While XRP exists in my Blockfolio, I truly have a tiny amount; XRP rose one place as I unfortunately have very little XTZ left (for now).

[10th] | Blockfolio allocation - (0.2%)
A newcomer on my top ten -- at least for a little while -- as I want to reintroduce an XTZ allocation to my Blockfolio asap.
Electroneum is marketed by a UK CEO, funded by a German incorporation, and operating mostly in Africa -- it'll be interesting to see how they traverse what's happening right now; especially as Nigeria's #EndSars movement has gripped global attention.

For those who haven't read the first entry, it's linked here.


All this is shown for transparency & entertainment purposes only. After all, the meaning of being a Crypto Activist StakeHodLer in my view means to:

- Know the maximum I want to invest in a project
- Neverย sell, rather collateralize
- Always be diversifying

My Blockfolio allocations, as always, are subject to change, especially as I achieve HodL goals listed here. So ... how did your Blockfolio do after the recent BTC price ๐Ÿš€ย  moonshot?

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