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By Bayarizard | C.A.S.H. | 9 Sep 2020



As noted in my last entry (linked here) when valuing my Blockfolio in Bitcoin Core, I am a crab 🦀; though I am leveraged to the eyes, the meaning of being a Crypto Activist StakeHodLer in my view means to:

- Know the maximum I want to invest in a project
- Never sell, rather collateralize
- Always be diversifying

All the while trying to make the Crypto communities in which I HodL better through philanthropy (Altruism) or giving feedback to projects I'm invested in -- so they increase their value and therefore my holdings (Egoism).

Before I discuss the allocations, here's the chart I wrote an article about (linked here), that I'll be referencing for the Crypto Animal corresponding to my position size -- as you'll note, the Animal chartings are relative to the project -- hence even though my overall Blockfolio makes me a Crypto 🦀 concerning BTC Sats, I don't have a full Bitcoin.

Chart - BTC Net worth

Without further ado ...

Bayarizard.- September

When the price of one Bitcoin fell, my Blockfolio filled with Stablecoins & diversified Crypto increased against BTC; even though the price of my Blockfolio fell week over week by a substantial amount shown in my last weekly update (linked here).

My top 10 positions to date


... excluding Stablecoins, which make up a ton of the above Blockfolio total:

[1st] | Blockfolio allocation - 51.7%
The allocation dropped by 8% since last month without me selling any

[2nd] | Blockfolio allocation - 13.8%
This jumped 8% to overtake BCH for second place

[3rd] | Blockfolio allocation - (9.5%)
This Quintupled from 2.5% of my portfolio to take 3rd (mostly in preparation for giveaways)

[4th] | Blockfolio allocation - (8.6%)
This thankfully dropped 5% from last month, but I honestly want to keep this neck2neck or at a 10:1 ratio to BTC

[5th] | Blockfolio allocation - (5.9%)
This allocation almost doubled from last month, but stayed in 5th place; I apologize in advance for showing off my cards

[6th] | Blockfolio allocation - (3.2%)
This stayed the same allocation & in the same place, but may be prioritized more going forward

[7th] | Blockfolio allocation - (2.5%)
Dollar Cost Averaging for the loss; my allocation in Link fell over the past month due to the lack of DCAing in -- consequently, it's portfolio weight was halved

[8th] | Blockfolio allocation - (2.1%)
This dropped from 6th place and was also halved; but looking at the price, I think it's safe to start DCAing in again

[9th] | Blockfolio allocation - (1.9%)
This dropped from 8th place -- it's also the first coin most of my friends purchased when they started in Crypto

[10th] | Blockfolio allocation - (0.3%)
This honestly shouldn't be in my top ten, mostly because I have this amount to avoid FOMO -- also because it's the remnants of using it for a faster means of transactions. I also didn't realize I only had 9 in my last entry (no one pointed that out), so this barely made the list on several accounts.

For those who haven't read the first entry; it's where I discussed my plan to collateralize the value of my Blockfolio, prioritize Stablecoins, though I was  earning more interest back then.


All this is shown for transparency & entertainment purposes only -- my 2020 isn't going the best, but it can still be far worse. Again, to clarify, when I say that I lowered my allocation -- instead of selling, I tend to invest more heavily into one over the other -- typically using income or collateralizing the Crypto I already have. My Blockfolio allocations, as always, are subject to change, especially as I achieve HodL goals listed here.

So ... how did your Blockfolio do after the recent plummet? Ready to buy more? Going to sell soon? Anything on your shopping list as of late?


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