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By Bayarizard | C.A.S.H. | 16 Aug 2020

According to this chart, I evolved from a shrimp 🦐 to a crab 🦀, not too long ago concerning the total net worth of my Blockfolio. 

Chart - BTC Net worth

... and as mentioned in my last update, I'm going to try to limit screenshots of actual account data from now on, but here's the tracked amount on the App:

Bayarizard Blockfolio  - August 2020

It's a sad sight to see indeed, but better -20% for the overall Blockfolio, than the -50% that happened to my biggest position (Stablecoins for the win).

My top 10 positions to date

... excluding Stablecoins, which make up a ton of the above Blockfolio total:

  • NEXO - 59% (unwise I know)
  • BCH - 13% (Heh ... I know, right?)
  • BTC - 5% (I know; believe me ... I know)
  • LINK - 4.5% (Angry at myself too)
  • CRO - 3.9% (No comment)
  • XTZ - 3.8% (I have legitimate excuses)
  • ETH - 3.2% (Honestly I didn't prepare for 2020)
  • LTC - 2.7% (Likely got this wrong too)
  • BAT - 2.5% (I'm most ashamed of this low allocation honestly)

For those who haven't read the first entry, I leveraged Stablecoins, and invested into Crypto, earning interest (less than when I initially started) while doing so.


Slow and steady I guess; all this is shown for transparency & entertainment purposes only -- obviously I've not allocated well to capture 2020 gains so far. The [annual] Nexo dividends -- received on the 15th of August -- were double the amount of last year, and about 7% of my current position was given; but like other Altcoins [besides Chainlink] Nexo returned back to Earth from its highs. My Blockfolio allocations are subject to change, especially as I achieve HodL goals listed here.

How are you all's Blockfolios doing this year?

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