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By Bayarizard | Ahem | 18 May 2020


I will indeed get to Basic Attention Token (BAT), Publish0x & Theta tokens further in the article, but initially when I say "Attention", I mean the limited quantity of an individual's focus -- or as good ol Oxford & Google say:

at·ten·tion | /əˈten(t)SH(ə)n/ noun 1. notice taken of someone or something; the regarding of someone or something as interesting or important.  

It's [REALLY] valuable ... and, it's yours.

Flashback to when: Wikipedia was less reputable than it is today; YouTube had less tutorials and more Pranksters; a time where getting a quality college degree was rarely cheap and definitely wasn't going to be free; it was a time when an Apple iPad was the newest tech, and Bitcoin was just beginning. This was a decade ago.

Today, the "Wiki brand" if you will, is attached to anything related to trivia from tv shows fun facts to Pokemon ¹. For YouTubers to not get demontized, there are continually growing restrictions and requirements; some have adapted and perhaps come out on top ². Apple is still life for many, and just as expensive as ever ³ -- but education and Bitcoin have had the biggest changes.

Bitcoin has become something of a religion online; articles being written daily, futures contracts on American stock exchanges, multi-billion dollar lenders using it as collateral -- it's slightly shocking to some that this digital blockchain coding was worth less than 10 cent 10 years ago -- today it's pressing $10,000 (again), with many hoping it will retest its 2017 all time high of $20,000 sometime late this year or early next year ⁴.

Some may attribute this success to being a first mover in its category & limited total supply; but I digress.

The knowledge gained from the [seemingly] unbiased sourced facts of the non-for-profit Wikipedia, coupled with the invaluable "how-to"s of YouTube may someday replace a typical education, but for now we can content ourselves with the knowledge many schools offer cheap and free in person & online courses & entire degrees ⁵.

Lucky individuals may even get paid bonuses to learn trades at technical colleges.

There can be many similarities drawn between these five (Wikipedia, YouTube, Apple, Higher Education & Bitcoin), but most come back to the value ascribed to these by the world's collective and individual attention.

It takes approximately 24 hours for our planet to rotate on its axis, &  do so ~365 times around the sun: constraining our attention between rest cycles while we [currently lose the] fight to lower Earth's mortality rate ⁸. 

In short: Attention is limited by population & aging.

Attention is both valuable & limited; not unlike Gold ... and Bitcoin.

When investing that limited attention in ourselves, we could emulate Graham Stephan ⁶; hardwork and diligent research can be rewarded in *ahem* ways.

When we pay attention to how we look, we realize how nice the newest Apple products look on arms & in hands

... BUT ...

what if projects that are free to use, like Google, Twitch & YouTube, share their ad revenue with not only content producers, but also with their audiences? After all, once, prices devolve from cheap to free: the next step might as well be paid to view.

Yes, getting paid to do what you'd already do seemed far fetch even a year ago, but the 2020 Global Pandemic might speed the switch.

Like Bing, the Brave Browser rewards users for paying attention to advertisements; but these BAT are not only limited in supply, but the issuing organization evidently periodically buys back excess supply; a fact which will excite those who want to speculate on higher prices down the road.

Twitch's Crypto counterpart: Theta TV ¹⁰, which runs on the Theta network¹² similarly distributes tokens for viewers attention, as well content creators.

Both [currently] have free accounts that let you into the loop of the ad revenue¹¹ world; but investing your own money in the individual company's tokens with your own money carries risks -- they could eclipse mega corporations -- but, limited supply doesn't equate Gold or Bitcoin; and doing extended research can go a long way.

Luckily, Publish0x is here to help; it's a site with other articles from writers who may help in your search about Crypto ;)

In summary -- the future brings constant change; but our time, money, & lives are more valuable, the more attention we invest in them.

Here's a link to a referral list for those who like discounts, bonuses, etc. Thank you for reading; I welcome any feedback good or bad in the ratings & comments.

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