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By Bayarizard | C.A.S.H. | 8 Aug 2020



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Altruistic Egoism - the idea that when doing something for someone other than yourself, it benefits you in the end still

I saw a writing challenge on Twitter by my role model, Chamath Palihapitiya, who tweeted about investing billions of dollars in $25,000 increments to those who could come up with sustainable holding companies and mind-frames for which to build a future network of businesses upon; whether acquisition, development or invention was the main theme, the article had to not only focus on environmental sustainability, but also the ability to last throughout the ages.

Even though I know the Writing Contest Entry I wrote isn't as articulate as I wanted it to be, doesn't have any data at all (unusual for me), no links to videos or other articles to back up research ... and was submitted 15 minutes before the deadline on a day I went into work 3 hours early: I felt like the failures of that day (not just in the article, but also at work that day) made me realize what I've been building my life toward so far.

Living in a selfish world means there are people who don't care about what you think, believe in or want in life -- especially if it doesn't match with their goals in life -- Altruism is the moral belief & concern for others without considering one's own goals ... merging the two, we have the more viable: Altruistic Egoism

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