Reached a total of 1BCH, thanks to Noise Cash and Read Cash

By Bala | Bala | 11 Dec 2021

I always wanted to have some decent crypto holdings outside the Hive Ecosystem. The main reason is that most of my investments are only on Hive and Hive-related tokens. It is always good to explore the outside projects and outside world. I'm very happy and glad to share that I have completed my goal of reaching a total of 1 BCH with the help of Noise Cash and Read Cash. A few days back I wrote an article saying that I'm very close to reaching 1 BCH and I will write an article after I complete the goal. It just happened today and I was able to reach 1 whole BCH. I did not expect it to happen this soon. I was expecting this to happen only before the end of this month but glad that it happened already in just a few days. Imagine the case where BCH becomes similar to Bitcoin and imagine the value 1 BCH would be. It is really exciting to even imagine.


For now, I'm not going to be increasing my holding to more than 1 BCH. However, I might keep accumulating whatever I earn from the platform and I'm going to be reinvesting it on other platforms or other earning options with the help of BCH. I recently also started using my earnings to purchase Domains. I would still want to continue that. Mostly next year when there is a need for renewing my domain, I might use my BCH earnings to pay the renewal fees.

Thanks to Noise Cash

I have to really thank the Noise Cash platform and also the great followers I have on Noise Cash. Whenever I share some article or share my thoughts, there will always be some support from people there. This is what I think made me stay consistent and persistent. In the last 10 months, the platform was subjected to lots of changes. I was holding very tight for all the changes that happened over there. With the recent changes, I'm getting over 5$ every 2 days in the last week. If this continues, this is going to be a great source of monthly income for me as long as I can spend them or save them.

During the initial days after I joined Noise Cash, the rewards were really great. I was able to make a decent amount from tipping and posting there. Later the rewarding model was changed. Now the same free tips rewarding model is back. People are getting rewarded very well. In order to earn well, we have to tip the other users very well. Noise cash is very unique when it comes to microblogging and I also think that the rules are very clear to prevent the site from abuse. People who are into micro-blogging can make use of this platform and share their thoughts. If you are interested, you can use my referral link too.

Thanks to Read Cash

I have to thank Read Cash platform too. I had been very consistent in making a post there every single day. The platform has also rewarded me very well. Most of the income I received to reach 1 BCH is all from that platform. Some of my articles performed very well and some were not that great. There were also a few articles that did not give me any reward. But overall the revenue from blogging was very great. I did recommend the platform to some of my friends too.

I started making posts on Read Cash even before I started my journey on Noise Cash. I used to keep it very simple and there were no big complications. I have to admit that it took a total of 10 months to reach 1 BCH even though my BCH revenue was not very consistent. 10 months to reach 1 BCH is not a very bad time either. If you wish to join Read Cash and start contributing your articles, feel free to use my referral link.

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