Earned a total of 3 BCH from Noise Cash and Read Cash

By Bala | Bala | 10 Jun 2022

I'm very glad and happy to share that I have earned a total of 3 BCH now from Noise Cash and Read Cash. I have been using the Noise cash and the Read Cash platform for over a year now. Mostly I share my articles there and get myself involved in some of the conversations over there. At times I also engage with other fellow members there. I'm very happy to see that my BCH holdings have increased drastically.

I have set myself a goal to reach 5 BCH before the end of the year. After reaching 5 BCH, I would start cashing out my earnings and the plan is to keep the 5 BCH for the long term. I know the market is not very good and the price of BCH is also not very great. I might wait for the market to recover back or use BCH whenever I have a necessity to pay some of my bills. This has been very handy and I was able to pay my bills in the past with my BCH earnings. Every year when I renew my domains, my first preferable cryptocurrency to use is BCH because it is very easy to use. I just have to scan a QR code and pay.


I was also thinking that Hive payments should also be simplified that way and many payment gateways should start integrating Hive as one of the payment methods. Probably with Hive Authentication, we can also implement a QR code scanner to make payments. That's easy to do actually. That's one of the reasons why Hive Auth should be implemented on all the DApps we use on Hive. It is a slow process but I think it should happen. All the DApps should give a facility to scan QR codes and broadcast transactions to Hive. This will make things handier to use.

I was also wondering if there were other platforms apart from reading Cash and Noise cash that can provide us some BCH earning opportunities. I would like to explore. I keep hearing about Smart BCH but I have not tried it yet. I hope someday I would be trying. I really wish I can complete my goals before the end of the year and start booking my profits. But even before that if the price of BCH is going to reach 1000$ again per BCH, I would be happy to go ahead and book my profits. I have seen it reach 1k $ in the past. The best strategy would be to accumulate more coins when the price is cheap and sell them when the value is high.

Those who are new to Noise Cash and Read Cash and would like to give it a try can use my referral links. I would say it is a good source of additional income alongside Hive and other earnings.



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