African Cheetahs made their first kill in the Indian Land

By Bala | Bala | 10 Nov 2022

Today I was reading some news on my mobile about how the Cheetahs were doing on our Indian soil. About 51 days back African Cheetahs were introduced to the Indian lands in Madhya Pradesh in Kuno National park. Before they were introduced they were in quarantine as per the rules. Our Prime minister Narendra Modi also tweeted about this. Though the Cheetahs were used to hunting, as they were living in a closed habitat, the authorities were doubtful about their natural hunting instincts. Good that it was triggered and they were able to kill a spotted dear.

Hunting is the most important thing for survival. Especially for any wild animals. They were initially fed buffalo meat when they were under quarantine. It is important for every wild animal to pick up their natural hunting instincts. There have been cases where some of wild animals attack their own species if they don't get good exposure to hunting. They usually do this when they are introduced to a mate. So, hunting is a very important thing and every wild animal should have its natural hunting skills before they are introduced to its natural habitat. We might have seen some of the animals developing new skills and fishing too.



When the Cheetahs were introduced they were kept under observation. It is expected that these Cheetahs are going to be the future Cheetah generation in India. So, hunting is an important skill for them to learn, and especially it happens only if they get used to the habitat they live. Looks like the first attempt to hunt was a failure. This is something usual and happens for most wild animals. Even the most experienced hunting animals fail in their first attempt. But good that the Cheetahs were able to make the kill. They were introduced to the National park on the 5th of November and they were able to make the kill in the next 24 hours probably.

This is a great initiative and a good thing to bring the Cheetah life back in India. But we would have lost Indian Cheetah species but good that this initiative would at least bring Cheetah life back to India and our national parks would be filled with wild animals. The idea of bringing Cheetahs from Nambia is to create a new generation of Cheetahs in India and hopefully, this new step will make these new cheetahs call India their new home. The next biggest milestone would be to see them feel comfortable and start mating and bringing more new life to India. That would be the next biggest milestone in the success of this project. I'm really glad that the government took this initiative and also happy about the steps they are taking toward the conservation of our natural habitat. That's what makes India great.

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