Splinterlands - Why I have strong hopes on SPS?

By Bala | Bala Blockchain Gaming | 25 Dec 2021

Splinterlands is one of the best gifts we have on Hive. I'm sure there will soon be many competitive games on Hive that would give us enormous opportunities. Having said that, Splinterlands would still stay as a competitive game in spite of the market condition. The main reason is the player base and the support from the players. The game has also not disappointed its players. It keeps giving opportunities to the players.

Any game that is Play2Earn has to be very careful in distributing the assets and making the investors grow. If they make a small mistake, only one group of individuals will be benefited and the other group will always struggle. Most of the games or DeFi investments are in such a way that the early investors get great returns because they are being fed from the late investors. But after there is a new FOMO, the new investors will become an old investor with great profit and the brand new investors will become the new investors and the cycle keeps going as long as there are enough features in the game.


Coming to the topic, I would like to express my thoughts on the SPS token on Splinterlands. I initially thought SPS was not required when they already had another token called DEC. But after seeing a huge profit on SPS and other assets of the game, I thought maybe introducing SPS tokens was a gift because all the old investors got huge profits from that. But the picture is not clear as to what will happen after the airdrop is over.

I'm very positive on SPS because of the following opportunities it can give:

Exchange listing

There is a high possibility that many exchanges might start listing SPS tokens. I'm guessing this can happen after Splinterlands has its own side chain that can become decentralized. Maybe there is a possibility that the Splinterlands team is already in discussions with some of the exchanges to list SPS. If that happens, the game token can get bigger and people will start investing at least for the sake of trading. Exchange listing will also bring a huge pump to the token. I personally feel that the current price of the SPS token may not last long and it is still a good opportunity to invest and make a decent profit out of it when it pumps.

Governance token

It is a big dream that splitnerlands will have their own nodes but if that happens, SPS can get big. Splinterlands already announced that people might be able to run their own nodes at a later point in time. When that happens, SPS will become the governance token and people will be able to get rewards in the form of SPS by running a game node. This will also make it easier to run history nodes or lookup data from the chain.

We will also be able to get bigger servers from the node operators and the maintenance problem might get sorted. SPS will be the sole token for all these new innovations and that can increase the value of the token.

Perks inside the game can be bought with SPS

People might be able to purchase some in-game perks with the help of SPS tokens. This is a good thing and that can also act as a sink for the token and even if it reduces the supply it should be great. I know for a fact that there are already tournaments that charge SPS tokens as entry fees. There might be new tournaments in the future demanding SPS staking criteria to enter the tournaments. This can be a good sink too.

As you see in the above screenshot, I already have a decent stake of close to 25k SPS and I might add some more to my account and just wait for the right moment to book profits. Mostly long-term. Imagine I purchase a lot of SPS at the current price and what if it touches 1$ or even more than that. I might have already multiplied my investment 5 times.

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