Making passive income from Splinterlands

By Bala | Bala Blockchain Gaming | 13 Jan 2022

The hive ecosystem provides enormous opportunities. It gives us a good source of passive income through different means. Play2Earn games are also popular on Hive. Splinterlands is one such game. We can either play and earn from the game or we can just invest and earn passive income from the game. It is important we understand how this works and invest accordingly.

People who are interested to play the game can obviously invest in some of the in-game NFTs and earn an income from playing the game. That's for normal players. But players who don't have enough time to spend in the game might find it hard to play but there are opportunities even for them. They can purchase cards from the market for a good price and invest rent them in the market to generate passive income.


Market rentals

This is the best thing we have on Splinterlands. If you look at most of the NFT games, there will be a rental system where people would be able to rent their NFTs to generate some passive income. We have a similar thing on Splinterlands too. Even if we are not regular players, we can rent our cards out in the market and earn from that every season. The earning will be in the form of DEC tokens which is the game token. We can either invest that further inside the game itself or sell it off in the market to book our profits. Market rentals may not require our time but if we keep updating the card price in the market based on the demand, we will be able to get some better rental income.

SPS rewards for holding cards

This is another passive income opportunity that splinterlands will provide us. For the cards that we are holding, the SPS drop is being given every day. This is only for 365 days and after that possibly the demand for SPS will be high and hopefully the price should recover. But only when actual burning happens, that is when the price will pick up. Even if the game accepts the token back and if they again float it in the market, it will only make it worse. A proper sink or a burn would be the best thing for SPS. Let's see how it goes. But that is definitely a good passive income source where we also get SPS rewards for staking as well.


Importance of keeping the deck up to date

If we have to keep up with the upgrades that are happening in the game, it is also important that we have to keep updating our deck. The new editions of the cards might make the old edition cards a little less valuable. In that case, if we keep rotating the cards in our deck to cards that are in high demand, the rental revenue can be really profitable. There are many people who plan to invest in Splinterlands by maxing out all the cards they can get from the market and they either play the game themselves or rent those cards out in the market to get a passive income from that. That is why it is important to keep the cards up to date. When CL packs came into existence, the value of some of the old cards went down. Now some CL cards are very powerful and if we choose a few cards wisely from the market, we will also be able to get some sustainable rental income.

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