Blockchain games reward you for having fun

By Bala | Bala Blockchain Gaming | 28 Feb 2024

Blockchain is an emerging technology and many people use this as a tool to earn money for their living. There are many ways to earn a good source of income from blockchain. One such thing is building games. There are many blockchains available that support building games. More than just blockchain, it acts as a base platform to build many things related to games like NFTs, tokens, trading bots, etc. This is how people find opportunities to earn with the help of blockchain.

Coming back to the topic, people mostly love playing games because it is fun to play games. Imagine if the games we play is also fun and it is also rewarding. That is what is happening to many people. Some games expect initial investment and some games can be started without investment but hard work to grow in the game. Blockchain games are slowly emerging these days and I wouldn't say that it is as fun as regular high graphics games but the rewarding experience makes the games more interesting for people and investors.


Early bird gets the pray

It is said that most of the games are rewarding only during the initial days of the game and when more tokens go into supply, the value of the tokens goes down because of high supply and less demand. When this happens, only the early investors would be getting some returns from the game and people who join the game a little late would end up waiting for some more time to enjoy their fruit. Some of the games have become in such a way that the old investors are paid from the funds invested by the new investors.

Many DeFi projects have failed because of this. Too much supply and very little use case or ways to sink the token. The economy should be self-sustaining and the source of income should also come from external sources or even different sources. This is how it will be balanced even if older players cash out and if the new players joining the game are not very great. The market also plays a significant role in this by providing support.


Earning by playing

These days there are games that not only provide a fun experience but also a source of income to the players. This possibility is available only in blockchain games. Regular games are not rewarding and even if it does, the rewards will be very low, especially from tournaments or something. Blockchain games can reward because there is a token behind the game and there is a tokenomics behind the token that becomes the center of attraction. I know a lot of people who invested during their initial days and are reaping decent profits these days by just playing the game.

I can even confidently say that games like Splinterlands provide a good monthly income source that can help someone make a living. There are already people who are dependent on the source of income that Splinterlands generates for them. Imagine doing what we like the most and getting paid for this. People who work in the toughest jobs will only know the benefits of these things. More awareness is being created about blockchain and blockchain games. Many big gaming companies have started exploring this technology and can create some attractive games that reside on top of blockchains.

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