Why Is Brave Great For Artists?

By Aleen | Awakened Alien | 28 Sep 2020

I want to share with you an invaluable tool for the future of your artist marketing map!

Introducing the Brave Browser!

Brave is a web browser that uses a centralized platform acting as a traditional adblocker. 


Brave sells ad space to select brands which you can opt into viewing for a small payment in cryptocurrency paid out once per month.

These payments can average out to about $5 per month!

This is the basic service offered to all users but that's not all folks, check it out-->

Artist’s can sign up to become publishers on their platform after connecting and verifying their existing online accounts with the blockchain they become eligible for BAT rewards and tips.

You can verify with your own website or these platforms:

  • Youtube
  • Twitch,
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo
  • Soundcloud
  • Github

With already hundreds of thousands of other publishers verified by Brave( on the above platforms I just gotta ask;

What are you waiting for?


There are many ways artists can utilize the blockchain for free exposure and marketing and using Brave is one of the first steps to fully embracing the technology.

If you are already actively writing blog posts and understand SEO marketing promoting your content on the traditional market of the interenet using Brave would greatly increase your reach. You too can tap into the crypto-niche user base by using other blockchain platforms such as Hive or Minds to promote your content as well as immersing your art into tokenization with NFT’s(Non-Fungible Tokens).

These communities are already savvy to the technology and are more likely to be using Brave and NFT’s already.


Why is Brave so valuable to artists?


When users of Brave view a publishers content they are given the option to provide a tip. Brave also gives users the option to automatically donate to their top viewed authors at the end of their payment cycle. 


Some generous users even go so far to encourage everyone to tip as they do. ;P

I would never expect anything in return but I always aim to give it my all!

Just from my 5 ads per hour and 4 hours a days usage I manage to make about $5 per month in cryptocurrency using the Brave Browser.

With Brave you also have the option to zone out or zone in and focus on your work with zero advertisement distractions which may be ideal for some. You can turn off ALL ads with the Brave Browser. For those who need to focus this can be extremely rewarding and provide them with the ideal environment for research, study, or writing whatever.


You can set the paid ads to apply once, twice, thrice, four and five times per hour. I usually just run 5 per hour because they are so harmless and often when I am viewing YouTube they are built into that platform so its no change to my regular viewing. Like I said earlier you can also turn on the auto-contribute feature as well that will generate a tip to the publishers that you frequently support with your viewing time. This is paid out of your own profits or holdings each month and can be altered to auto-contribute to specific publishers.

In conclusion I think we can all agree that free marketing and exposure is always good for an artist.

When Brave provides a way to monetize an artists downtime spent browsing as well as content with available marketing platforms it becomes a no-brainer.

The best part about Brave is the ease-of-use introduction into the ever immersive cryptocurrency space that so desperately needs you and your art.

Brave is an integral part of the evolution of the internet and the way artists get paid on the web.

Join me on Brave by using my referral link below and start claiming your rewards today!  

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