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5 Beginner Methods to Make FREE Cryptocurrency in 2021

By Aleen | Awakened Alien | 30 Oct 2020

If you are new or old to the scene of cryptocurrency I hope to have something to offer you here that will create a FREE passive income stream for the years to come.


Satoshi Hunter v4: The Awakened Alien has done the research and has a tried and true solution for you! ;)


These methods are available to all people with an active internet connection(even mobile users).

The number one method right now in the US and countries with a high ad-spend is switching your internet browser from Firefox/Chrome(or w.e you use) to the Brave Browser.

This browser acts as an ad-blocker until you opt in to being paid for each ad the platform prompts you with.

With optimized usage this method can create a passive income of up to $5 per month for the rest of your web surfing days!


The next method is actually somewhat of a well kept secret in the blockchain marketing circles and will revolutionize the way we find things on the internet with innovative developing technologies.

Introducing Presearch, the search engine that monetizes your every search and tokenizes keywords for marketing purposes. 

Use this tool for every moment of discovery to get paid for each search into the information supermarket of the world wide web.


Method number three utilizes another web browser called the Cryptotab Browser

This browser works like any other browser allowing you to surf the web but it also relies upon your PC hardware capabilities(CPU) to mine bitcoin.

Yet another passive income stream that monetizes your already available resources and you can just let it run in the background while you do what you normally do.

In a single year we nearly mined $100 using an i7 CPU without even using the browser on a daily basis.

Note* This is the only method I have not tested on mobile.



4. Claim free cryptocurrency daily from these faucets:


Our next method would be no suprise to those on this platform but will be included anyways: BLOGGING!

Here on Publishox you can make a decent amount of cryptocurrency just reading articles and tipping your favorite authors/publishers of content. 

You can likewise double, triple or even quadruple your earnings simultaneously when you start creating your own content.

Of course there are other platforms that allow you to do this as well namely the Hive Blockchain.

The difference here being that Publishox has a centralized power structure and payment system whereas Hive is progressive, transparent and decentralized with all functions taking place on the blockchain.

Hive has a vibe about their community and you can tell that it is next level as the platform looks like social media but has financial incentives built in that actually encourage people to participate, develop and grow their own communities.

You can actually earn a 3% APR just by delegating your Hive into Hive Power(a process used to monetize all social interactions on the Hive platform)!

Some of the communities that we like are the finance tribe, skateboarding tribe, foodies tribe, natural medicine tribe and many more.

Join Hive where people blog about and monetize sharing songs they like, videos they enjoy or have made and talk about life and passions in blog post format!


There is also MINDS which is an easier to use version of HIVE without the decentralized governance model. It is really cool to be honest and I think there is a lot of potential for this platform.

MINDS has been super good to me and I have dedicated hundreds of hours to this platform perfecting a growth plan that has amassed me a 3k following without actually posting a lot of artwork on an art account.


Lastly, I want to share an incredibly easy way to earn up to $50 in free cryptocurrency!

Through the Coinbase earn method you will be invited after signing up to learn about several specific cryptocurrencies.

All you have to do is watch a few educational videos that teach you about the cryptocurrency you will be receiving and answer a few questions correctly to immediately be credited with a small portion of said cryptocurrency.

This is usually about $1-2 at a time up to about $10 for each one and the big portions come from invitations.


That is going to conclude today's lesson on the 5 easiest methods to make cryptocurrency. 

Just in case you missed it. This list has all the links needed to support a growing crypto portfolio for absolutely free!

  Thanks so much for stopping by and best of luck to you in all your endeavors!



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