Brave becomes highest rated on play store

How Brave browser became the highest rated browser on the Play store

By bossin | Average Crypto Guy | 11 Oct 2020

Brave browser is a privacy-focused browser based on chromium created in 2016 by Brendan Eich a well-known American technologist and co-founder of the Mozilla project.

The browser comes with similar features as that of the chrome browser but surpasses it in speed. But one of the most reason people use brave is because of its focus security for its users and the ability to get rewarded with BAT for viewing ads at your leisure.

Brave rewards give brave browser users the ability to earn BAT for seeing ads based on your browsing behavior.

BAT is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency whose first ICO was on 31st May 2017, but since 2019 users can download the brave browser and opt-in to earn BAT.

How it works

This is how the brave browser anonymously monitors browsing behavior and reward users for their attention.

How brave rewards


And as of recent, Brave browser has become the highest-rated browser on the play store with a 4.8 over 5 beating chrome's 4.1.0 and DDG in second place with a 4.7 rating.

brave browser reviews

Brave has proved to be a great browser for anyone who wants a fast secure way to browse the web.

In just last month they have been over 19 million users using the software and which keeps on increasing.


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