Australia 2020 North Shore Beach (5.12)

By Goodsoul | Australia 2020 | 5 Dec 2020

Good day eveeyone

Welcome (back) to Anna and Chris's Blog of our adventures around Australia. 

We have been hanging around in the shade trying to flee the heatwave. Updates on the weather inland, the place we wanted to go look for Opals,

781dfba38ee1b042322edf06956a2a1f1e2ec5004f4ce0911ff620f6261958da.pngWay too hot :) 

So we came down to the beach last night and we are sitting in the shade getting ready for tomorrows market. Anna is amazing at making necklaces and bracelets, and tomorrow we will have the chance to showcase them.


Really excited about tomorrow will take some pictures and post another story here.

Guess I show you a bit around North Shore Beach Mudjimba. 



Wait a sec, I will walk down to the beach and take a couple of pics....

All set had an amazing swim current was extremely strong but I feel completely refreshed now. Should not be drinking those in the morning ;)


(I do not receive any free beer for posting this pic :)

I promised some beach Photos,  here you go3a8abc927933190a44838b8e0b296ecb47432841f388b19e2a63fc73cf2056f3.png4e493c0a90a143230f34002590e4786ed9c74989f8723ba22fe15156ce200b57.pngec18acb439f0e1b03eedb09f227fcb1a899537685e85bf91f359d926cf7bee74.png

It is almost lunchtime now and we are getting hungry. 

Really hope you enjoyed the day at the beach 🏖️

and wishing you a great Sunday 

All the best guys please take care, stay healthy and if you like you can click on the link to previous posts of our travel here in Australia.

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Thank you for the tip, like and feel invited to follow us around Australia,


Anna and Chris 

Almost forgot always a Kangaroo 🦘 


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Australia 2020
Australia 2020

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