Comprehensive Blockchain Social Media Platforms Review IV

By Scott Cunningham | Tech And Things | 6 Nov 2019

Hey everyone,

This is my fourth comprehensive review of blockchain social media platforms meant to give you the most thorough resource and reference for finding the next best platforms to use!

This will be covering new platforms not covered in the previous as well as re-review any applications or websites that weren’t quite to par but weren’t awful. I will very briefly double-check the awful ones and either add them here if they’ve improved or not include them given, they were in the last one and you don’t need to see the same thing twice.

I’ve made a few changes to the template and re-reviewed most of the platforms I previously looked at, made tons of updates, as well as looking at some new platforms. I reviewed just over 100 platforms in total.

In the video itself, I go through some of the main recommendations I give and the platforms that I am currently using. I only go through some brief examples of ones not recommended for sake of time and to give some insight as to how I came to my decisions.

One last thing before starting is that I’d like to state my bias. I will look unfavorably on websites that require too much verification like requiring you verify your phone to even browse the platform (several platforms failed to verify mine), require you to spend crypto on every interaction, require Facebook or Google to sign up, websites that are overly centralized, websites that claim to use blockchain but don’t, and most EOS platforms given the challenge it is to use them and all the extra extensions and programs needed that make it almost unusable for mobile. Note that I have included several EOS platforms in the not recommended as I still did go and try them.

I’d also like to state that in a few cases now, I’ve been historically correct with what will or won’t succeed. I said Hyperspace won’t last because they require post-approval, phone verification to earn when they couldn’t verify a Canadian number, and they lacked features. They just recently shut down.

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Also, to save you some time you may just want to jump to the secondary recommendations since very little else above that has changed.

*note* I've had to omit some of the not so good platforms to make the cut for the character limit. Mainly for those I've previously reviewed which you can find here:

Dapp Directories: -




Great Blockchain Resources:

BitPatron – The crypto free speech alternative to Patreon for subscription tiered exclusive content. -

Flote – Crypto version of Patreon focused on privacy and free speech. Eventually I will review this as a social platform. This company acquired BitBacker and is going to integrate a lot of the features. I will review this as a crypto donation platform in a different review. -

Bitcoin Mixer – ETH and BTC mixer for better transaction privacy -

DapsCoin – The truest anonymous, privacy focused cryptocurrency (addresses all the issues with Monero) -

Blvd – Drive and earn BULVRD. You can detect road reports like traffic, police, and hazards and share them to earn more. -

Nestree – Blockchain based messenger with rewards -

BitDegree – Gamified educational on blockchain, tech, and more -

IPSE – InterPlanetary Search Engine – This is a search engine based on the IPFS system allowing you to search for files on IPFS fast and effectively -

Uniswap – An amazing interface for swapping ERC20 tokens -

ForkDelta – A place where you can trade ERC20 tokens (Minds tokens unlisted URL -!/trade/0xb26631c6dda06ad89b93c71400d25692de89c068-ETH

BitRadio – Listen to radio and earn crypto at -

Presearch – Earn crypto for using their search engine -

Brave Browser – Earn crypto for allowing ads to display on your more secure and faster browser

Zeronet - Open, free and uncensorable websites, using Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network

Hilo – Track and talk about different coins -

Storj – A decentralized cloud storage coming out of beta Fall 2019. 

Loom – A network for making blockchain applications on Ethereum -

Crowdholding – A collection of sharedrops, earndrops, and different ways to crowdfund with crypto.

Blocklancer – Freelance gig economy like Fiverr -

Bounty0x – This is where you can earn, review, or put up bounties that have small tasks to earn rewards like share a tweet about _____ coin to receive 50 BNTY. -

CMA Marketplace – This is the newer, less organized, less established version of Bounty0x, but worth an include -

CoinsCalendar – Loads of information on events in the crypto space

Experty – A skype alternative on blockchain -

Blockstack – A “browser” that enables other plugins and dapps to be built on top of it with some useful business applications. It’s called a browser, but you just need an account and other platforms run off it, but you don’t download anything or actually use a different internet browser. -

Blockusign – a PDF signing solution on the blockchain utilizing Blockstack -

Graphite – Store documents and files on the cloud via Blockstack. Mainly for document collaboration -

XOR Drive – Encrypted cloud storage -

Gladys Assistant – If you want an AI home assistant like Google home, but don’t trust them, you can try this on a Raspberry PI. -

XORBrowser – Free blockchain web hosting -


Music Related Blockchain Sites:

Choon – Another solid blockchain music platform -

Musiccoin – Another great blockchain music platform -

Dsound – Soundcloud alternative on the Steem blockchain -


Previously Not Recommended And Still Not:

*note* I've had to omit some of the not so good platforms to make the cut for the character limit. Mainly for those I've previously reviewed which you can find here:

You’ve seen a lot of these on the previous and they haven’t improved.

Diaspora - Too small of a network currently - 

GNUsocial - Hard to find, poor UI and confusing join process -

Mastodon - Not a fan of the small hub like setup where you in these echo chambers like Hubzilla, Diaspora, Gnusocial, and more - 

Bearshares - A replica of Steem, but they have had many issues with their platform staying online lately and it seems not worth it to me. To add to that they went down and came back with everyone’s post and crypto gone. Biggest scam I’ve used yet – Decent setup – Very similar to Twitter – I don’t see bitcoin cash as a viable method for actions when it costs $0.20 – Same issue as Peepeth, but with the added transactional issues – Used their suggested faucet and got little to no BCH so I didn’t proceed. I couldn’t even set my profile description, name, or change my picture. - – Previously this didn’t work at all and I couldn’t get any help, but it’s been improved upon and is working now. Out of all the platforms not recommended, I was the most disappointed with this given they had great potential so now that I can actually post I will give a tertiary recommendation because yes while the publishing is great, the UI is and platform looks better than Bitchute and BitTube, it doesn’t have their community. The last 9 posts go from 5 minutes ago (mine) to 2 weeks ago, so the community isn’t very active. It’s likely because you must spend ETH or VIEW tokens every time you post and you need to buy and hold 100 VIEW tokens to even vote on other posts. The issue here is that you can’t do anything at all without money being invested and the thing is very few platforms succeed with this given the skepticism of the space. You have to be able to earn your share free and then have the option to invest. This is likely why it’s not being used a lot, but I see how it could beat spammers etc., still I don’t see it getting adopted nonetheless.

Hyperspace – It has approval for posts, so it's like Trybe in that negative sense. You must connect and verify your phone number in order to receive free $AMPS every 24 hours which you can then use to upvote others and “amplify” their content. It’s designed like how SOLA was in its Instagram card like appearance but operates more like Medium or Trybe in terms of the way posting works. The design is clean, but the network is still very beta. You previously couldn't follow other users, but that was updated, profiles are very basic, and topics are very few, but the community is fairly engaged. This could easily be a top performer if it progressed and fixed its current issues. I was disappointed though that Canadians can’t verify their phone and get free Amps. After using it for another month or two, I’ve decided it’s not viable. I had posts not get approved for over 11 days. With all its faults, people urge me to give it another chance so I’ll be posting on it for a while, but I doubt my review will change. I was historically correct this wouldn’t last. It just recently shut down.

Weku – A Steem alternative that has some potential as a new budding community however their coin has still not reached exchanges as far as a I know, they have one witness, and they have had issues without people illegitimately obtaining Weku via making many fake accounts for the sign in bonus so it has its issues and investing a lot into it would be a mistake. I am trying to get out and no one wants to buy my Weku. I’m pretty sure it’s a scam like bearshares -

Whaleshares – Another Steem alternative that is safer and more well setup than Weku although they do not use a reputation system like other Steem platforms which is very interesting. They are also tied to BTS, and there have been some issues with witnesses running scams with their own witness coins used on Whaleshares so again be wary, I’m selling off almost everything now and keeping a tiny bit. -

SOLA – I really liked this platform and did really well on it for a while, but it has shut down as of April 10th.  -

SocialChains – So I had a entire interview with the CEO and I was going to post after I found out the site had no users when they claimed 50-100 joined daily. There was no posts at all, it was a 12 hour wait to update your profile picture, there were no personal profiles or at least no way to get to them. Also you had to give you license and many verification pieces which seemed unnecessary. Given it seems like the real platform didn’t live up to the claims being made. I think their vision is interesting that they will solve all the problems on social media by removing anonymity, but I felt that MANY blockchain users go to these places for anonymity, though I think that concept is fading, especially for people trying to build a following. Try it if you like, but I mean even when I did the phone verification it didn’t work so it said I wasn’t allowed to use the platform and had to get even the CEO to help me with getting the staff to fix it. I gave up after trying to speed up the process to change my profile picture with support and they wanted another image of my ID so I gave up. – I like this and I think it could maybe have potential, but the issue is. The minimum deposit is $5 and the minimum tip is $1, so I can only interact with 5 posts and then I’m done. I think the concept is cool that you earn the if you curate good content, but investing a dollar into someone at minimum is too much to ask and people will be reluctant to start off by giving Cent a ton of their money.

PocketNetwork – Tried signing up and had an issue then came back again and it worked. Tried navigating around but you have to setup your profile first, so I try, and it doesn’t save it. I shrug it off and go to explore and it says no go and set up your profile, so I try again. After 3 tries I gave up and simply do not recommend it. Came back months later and tried twice more, no luck. -

Narrative – Narrative looks like it could have potential, but it’s mainly geared to reward early adopters. Like for example to start a new “tag” or niche as they call it, you have to bid on it and it could be anywhere from $50-$500. I don’t think it’s realistic that people would pay that, but they have. I’ve only scratched the surface so maybe there is more to the story that is Narrative. You need a NEO wallet to earn NRVE. When digging in further to platform I found that niche owners are upset because they actually have to renew their ownership and they have earned next to nothing as the owner but spent between $50-500 so for quite some time I expect this to only generate losses. Maybe users will have a good time here, but I don’t think it’s quite ready yet. I will try to use it more to test it. You also need to pay $15 via Paypal to certify for verification and boosting your reputation, but it is not required.

Scorum – This platform is well set up, but I do not use it because I’m not big on sports or gambling. This is a very niche platform geared for just that. They have their own cryptocurrency and operate similar to Steem, but with a more Minds like blogging style. This is here as a recommendation for those really into the sports niche. I am not recommending it because I personally won’t use it or check up on it to know how things are really going but I highly suggest checking it out if that’s your thing. I won’t look favorably on hyper niche platforms unless they plan to expand like Uptrennd promises. - *This is a cannabis niche platform alternative to Steem. This platform doesn’t exist on the Steem network and has its own separate blockchain unlike the rest listed. I don’t have much of an opinion of it as I haven’t used it more than signing up and posting a couple times, but if you like marijuana and want to share earn cryptocurrency while engaging with a community based around the topic of marijuana, then this is the place for you. It’s fairly active and works very similar to Steemit.

DLive - This uses the Lino network and it's not an actual blockchain network. I want to include them and give them the chance to improve and build, but as of now they solely hand out points that you redeem through PayPal and there is no blockchain or crypto aspect at all. Yes, you can stake Lino points, but that doesn't make it a blockchain network. It was originally on the Steem blockchain competing with DTube and has since moved off and become more independent. I wouldn't give a primary recommendation because if you were going to live stream and wanted a blockchain alternative, this isn't it however it may be something you'd like to use if you aren't using Steem or want to explore more options. It does have some unique feature that you don't have on Twitch but is currently ultimately very similar. Going through their year-old FAQ they talk about how the blockchain main net was in testing and not launch and that there will be no specific launch date. DLive is a third-party application on Lino so if Lino doesn't follow through, DLive is useless. They also have no white paper or terms of service that I could find on Lino though they do have an overview: The main thing they are pushing is no platform cuts which is good, incentivizing as many actions as possible which is also good, and decentralized ownership which isn't what they are really doing because they can and have banned people for hate speech amongst other things. They claim they aim to prevent centralized decision making. It also goes into the staking process etc. I wanted to recommend it in hopes that it would get better, but I don’t see that happening. I am going to try using it more to give it a chance as I see its value, but it’s not a crypto platform by any means.

In fact, DLive got worse. Lino and DLive are supposed to be separate and yet you can buy Lino points freely, but you cannot cash out without using DLive meaning they are not independent and to do so now requires your government ID. You can buy Lino points on Lino but cannot cash out. It’s getting more centralized, not less. There is no hope for DLive. They also took away your ability to upload a video without livestreaming unless you’re a partner on the platform.

Watch my video on this here: or read my article here: -

3Speak – This has a lot of potential, but the site is so brutally slow that I can’t recommend it yet. If they fix that, then they are set. They are very similar to BitChute, just slower. -


Platforms Newly Reviewed & Not Recommended:

Substratum – I have been waiting for this for some time and now that I’ve finally got a chance to download it and try it out I’m sad to say that there completely bogus claims of “The average person can use the internet, but can they run it? Substratum says yes, absolutely. All our tools are elegantly designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Nodes run independently behind the scenes, allowing you to use your preferred browser.

Visitors see Substratum websites just like a standard page. No plug-ins to install or software to download.”

The problem is however, that Substratum isn’t intuitive or obvious at all as to how to set it up or get started. You must set yourself up as either a creator or a consumer (why not both?) and then input your external IP, Neighbor node descriptor, Earning wallet address, and your blockchain service URL. The help buttons just say things “copy your neighbor node descriptor and paste it here.” I have no idea what information they want or how I would even have a wallet for $SUB having just downloaded it. It also presents error messages when there seems to be no actual errors which is odd. The point is that I don’t think anyone is going to figure this out aside from the more technically inclined very blockchain savvy users. -

CryptoSpeech – Uses the Ethereum blockchain to permanently post messages. However, there are only 120 posts, they are all anonymous, you cannot copy and paste or add media, you can only write 128 characters and the platform really has no goal or direction -

SNAC/Futurepia – It’s supposedly using a new and cutting-edge consensus model called dual delegated proof of stake or DDPoS. I tried signing up but it refused to validate my phone number (Maybe because I’m from Canada), but nonetheless I was unable to sign up and use or even see what the platform looks like - & – This is a Bitcoin SV based blockchain social platform. I don’t recommend it because I dislike any model that requires you to fund your account and spend BSV for any like or engagement you have with another person’s content. These models simply don’t work because the masses aren’t looking to spend money to casually browse and interact with content. – While blockchain-based decentralized secure messenger platforms are awesome and privacy-focused, I don’t consider it a social media platform, but is worth checking out if that’s something you’re looking for.

DabbleCafe – EOS app - Only in another language. Can’t test. -

ONO – EOS app - Couldn’t load the site. Can’t test. - – Most of the content is spam and just advertising random merchandise and products like protein powder and toilet paper. -

Primas – They have a small network, no language filter and it’s mostly not English so I wasn’t impressed. Only for mobile, but mainly for blogging so a bit annoying. Not much to it, wouldn’t recommend. Only has 100 downloads, 6 reviews, and it’s mobile-only so essentially no one is using it. -

Status – A messaging application that lets you chat, transact, and use their dapps. I will start by saying that I don’t entirely considered a messaging application a social platform, but there were very few good applications and platforms to review. I’m not a fan of what could easily be a browser solution that requires you to download it on a computer because I just don’t see many people using it. On mobile however, I think that’s fine, but not on a computer. It does have its own dapp portal which is pretty awesome. They apparently have some of the most dev activity, so they are clearly working hard to improve it. Maybe there is a difference in functionality between the desktop and mobile app, but I found it to be awful. I could only edit my display name and nothing else. Also, every topic I joined like #blockchain and #cryptocurrency had no communication. They don’t show you previous messages so it honestly seems like no one at all is using it. I don’t see the crypto aspect to this. I get that it’s more secure using blockchain, but do not recommend using it. Just find an encrypted messenger.

Numa – This looks like a super basic Wix or Wordpress site and has no option to sign up or create anything. Also, every post is made by “admin.” So I’m not sure how this got listed anywhere -

Mithril – This is an ERC20 token that both PiePie (formally known as Lit) and Yeemos use. You earn MITH tokens currently worth $0.01 for sharing short expiring videos and images similar to a crypto monetized Snapchat. The issue is that it’s mostly spam posts and non-English users that make up the community. I used PiePie for a while and was unimpressed. -

InkDrop – This is an ETH free speech bulletin board platform. However, it’s still not ready and is in beta. They require you request access to join so I wasn’t able to get approval during the time I did this review.

Lumeos - EOS app - Too niche for a social platform (only polling and surveys). Didn’t even test.

Karma – Eos app - Good concept but way too niche as a platform. Their value has dropped 10x since inception and looks like it’s going the same route as Trybe. It’s only usable on mobile. When I tried registering it said, “problem trying to create account.” Tried again and it didn’t work at all. -

Murmur – EOS app - A bit over 100 active users only and requires Scatter which is a terrible application. Didn’t test. -

Decentium – EOS app - I like the setup, but again you need Scatter, you can scroll through all this month’s post in one page basically. There were 22 posts in August. You also need to tip your money to other users which I’ve never been a fan of. This is a no go. Tested. -

BOID – EOS app - There were only 600 or so active users – Didn’t bother signing up since you also have to pay 17,319 BOID to start using it and given there are so few users and I already don’t like EOS I wasn’t willing to test this one and I doubt other will either. Didn’t test. -

Nebula – EOS app - Barely any users, most posts are like “hello world” or “testing” One user even ironically commented how most EOS dapps are gambling or not very good. Didn’t test.

DecentTwitter – EOS app - Not working anymore. -

Sphere Social – Doesn’t actually use blockchain, just has points, only even lets you use Paypal. It’s an awkward facebook clone -

Alfa – Couldn’t sign up after several attempts. -

Viewo – Scammy website that had it’s presale last year and is still set to launch. Hasn’t had any activity on social media since presale in November. Stay away. -

UpLive - Just another live streaming service that you can earn on, but it’s not blockchain or crypto-related and it feels like an almost exclusively Camgirl culture version of Twitch -

Snax – Just another crypto blockchain platform, but they require you download a mobile wallet or download an extension to use the platform and honestly at this point having like 50 wallets and a more than enough extensions on my browser, I can safely say that no one is going out of their way to use this new platform with a tiny community -

Masmic – Platform where you pay cryptocurrency to encourage people to respond to your posts and the top answers win the bounty. I think this is weird since most people want to earn currency not pay for the attention of people looking to earn crypto from you. The answers are mostly poorly written spam which is what you might expect when people pay you directly for commenting. -

Kuende – Platform is only made up of challenges and is very unique, but I don’t think this has much of an appeal to people looking for a new social platform. It’s more of a gamified bounty/airdrop program.

Howdoo – Only has 100+ downloads and it’s only on mobile so there’s around 100 users only. I’m not a huge fan of mobile-only applications. Requires you buy their cryptocurrency to tip others like BCH, except that you’re more likely to lose never get that money back. – This could become better, but there is no one using it right now. Just another attempt of a blockchain platform. -

Honest.Cash – Could grow into something interested, but I’ve never been a fan of applications that require you to send money to vote. The minimum tip is 0.10$. It also doesn’t have many users currently. One scroll took me back through two weeks of content. -

Alis - Only for people with a Japanese phone number -

WeYouMe - I think using a picture as a password is the weirdest and least safe and conventional to secure and account. It’s also super new and there are very few people on the platform. Most haven’t even added a profile picture. -

Hideout.Tv – Complete sham. They reward you with points you can redeem. They don’t allow ad blockers and even when I disabled them, they still wouldn’t let me watch a video. They denied me to join as a creator without a reason, so I really doubt it’s very open either., Springrole, and Indorse–> Verifiable - All these apps completely changed, were sold, or shut down completely. Indorse was very similar to LinkedIn, with some UI and ease of use improvements it could have done well. Springrole was also very similar to indorse, but focused on skills. Also not working anymore. The only working website is is completely different and only lets you validate skills as a programmer.

DLike – This is an interface of Steem that also has its own token – It functions similarly to Steemit but you’re able to earn Steem and DLike tokens. They only have 2700 users on here so I don’t know how relevant it is, but hey if you want to earn tokens on top of the Steem you get, this may be for you

Foresting – It wasn’t ready for the longest time and when it launched, I was unimpressed and underwhelmed. It’s a Korean version of Steepshot but you more so earn their points which you could spend if you lived in Korea on a very limited number of items. It was also slow and didn’t respond very well. – Looks like a clunky awkward version of Facebook mixed with Twitter. Uses Tron and though I’m not sure how legit their withdrawals and monetization is, I was able to earn $300 of their coin Friendster in about 10 seconds. There are not many people using it and the main person posting and earning tips is the owner who forced you to follow him when you originally sign up which seems unethical. It shows he is the only one as the most tipped over the last 24 hours with his profile repeated 5 times for some reason and while I see the merit, it’s just so underwhelming. To access the full features of the platform you have to pay either $3 weekly, $9 monthly, $99 yearly, or $199 for a lifetime subscription which to me sounds like they are trying to get money from the suckers who actually think this will go somewhere. This feels like a bad MeWe.

JoshWhoTv – I will see how this works, but so far, it’s a bit glitchy and it keeps signing me in and out for some reason. I’m not of fan of the name or of how many background images are of photos that don’t blend well, and it looks like an awkward homemade site with this design. I’m not sure how this uses crypto and it doesn’t seem to say anything about it anywhere, but we shall dive in. Uploading content is interesting. Recent uploads even as of 48 hours ago have 0 views and top videos have less than 300 views and some are over 7 months old. Like BitTube, most of the content just seems to be plagiarized and not original. This place really reminds me so much of BitTube. Like BitTube it does have a great import feature, but that’s really its only redeeming quality. You also get notifications for their top live streamers which is annoying and something I don’t want. -

Whooo – Says they have an Android app, but they don’t. They may have a working IOS app, but I wouldn’t rely on it. It uses the Katlyn network and it supposed to be the first blockchain dating app, but doesn’t work.

Sliver.Tv – This is very similar to DLive except that their token Theta is actually listed on exchanges, however, you cannot withdraw after you’ve deposited, you can only buy their merch and etc. in their store. So all in all, it’s just as sketchy as Dlive in its own way. -

Coil – Coil seems interesting and has a medium feel. There is barely anyone using it though currently and its payout system and partners aren’t the best. I wanted the second partner so I could get payouts in BTC, so I go to sign up and it doesn’t work forcing me to use the first payout option in XRP. That’s not a big deal, but it’s not impressive. The reason it’s not recommended is because the top trending articles only have a few likes. It could eventually gain more traction though. - – This is an extension of Coil on a video-only platform. Again, it could have potential, but currently, all the videos have a few views or less. It’s just too new for me to recommend yet. I tried watching a video and realized you can’t without paying either. No thanks. -

Tatatu – This just pays you for watching old movies and such. Not bad if you enjoy doing so, but otherwise pretty useless. -

Sapien – Made massive improvements to their design and UI, but still is a bit clunky making posts and the community is still small and unengaged. The top posts on the platform had only between 100-150 engagements so it’s still fairly small. Every time I go on the UI seems better and I’m always impressed with their consistent improvements especially with their loading times which are much better now. They have been growing and seem to have had no issues in the past few months. I hate the way their thumbnails work they cut off any image I upload and content generally doesn’t format or publish well. I shared my Youtube video and it left the preview blank. Also, no one really uses this still so I’m not recommending it anymore. -

Tertiary Recommendations:

BitTube – Previously on their old site I never had functionality issues, but they still could have improved their design, and it was really hard to get views and interact with the community there. Their top videos had less than 1,000 views. I previously didn’t realize how small the community was here. However, they recently moved to and the community has grown a bit, but for the most part, their top videos still have only around 1,000 views excluding one video and videos by BitTube. They make it so challenging to verify your account which you can only do with an extension, so it also only works for desktop users. It was not verifying Canadian accounts for some reason. Though, their support staff was able to help me verify in just 24 hours of emailing them. Otherwise to verify, you have to stake 2500 $Tubes which will run you about $25 at $0.01 each which is what they are currently at according to I couldn’t find how import your videos on the new platform, which was pretty unfortunate, though after some help from staff I managed to figure it out so I could upload future videos automatically. It’s not there yet, but it could with a larger community and less plagiarized videos. With the right changes, I do see this having a lot of potential. They need to improve verification, make it more accessible (including a mobile application), and make it as easy as possible for YouTubers to transition to it or auto-upload there like BitChute offers. Their new design and platform has greatly improved and if they continue improving, it will definitely become one of the top blockchain video hosting applications. -

Trybe – Trybe is lacking community, profitability, and they don’t have many basics in place like cover images etc. People don’t interact with much and only really on blogs. Newsfeed posts get 0 engagement and they don’t show up in the discovery newsfeed or anywhere that I could find aside from your own profile page. Most articles within their category become “Top Rated” and go into the “Most Popular” section because of the lack of content. The most popular posts of all time are typically several months old and only have like 5-20 comments. They claim approvals are only to check for plagiarism and copyright, but that’s not a good enough reason for me. The design and speed have greatly improved, but it was still insanely challenging to set up a wallet with Trybe. I spent so long trying to get Scatter working so I could use my Trybe and stake it – After more than a week and talking with 4 different support staff at Trybe and EOS, it finally worked. You may have a ridiculous amount of trouble getting started, but after that, it’s smooth sailing. I’m not sure if it still runs on Wordpress, but they don’t have awkward mistakes like allowing you to access their /wp-login page back in the day. The staff told me almost a year ago they will only do approvals this during its early stages and eventually decentralize more, but that hasn’t happened and there is no notion that it will be happening. I appreciate wall posts and allowing you to use slideshows etc. like you would find on Linkedin. There can be something to find after overcoming the initial challenge and or you don’t care about earning Trybe and just want to use this as a social platform. Coming back to the platform it does seem like the community is back, but all the issues are otherwise still there. I think some people are back now because there was an update to the UI which looks great, but it’s not enough to keep me. I hate using Scatter and detest how not user-friendly it is like for example, I have managed to earn over 40,000 on-site Trybe. So, for some reason to be able to do anything with it, I must first withdraw it to my Scatter wallet and I can only do 10,000 a day, but then to power up or stake it takes days. Why did I waste three days and wait on approvals for withdrawals as well each day before re-submitting? It’s frustrating when they have airdrops for staking too and I can’t make them in time. Look I think it’s great and aside from it losing almost all its value in its first year going from 0.0007 to 0.00001 now it could have a chance on just the social platform side of things if the backend is made much easier for regular users to integrate more easily. Notifications don’t even work right. You can’t go to the post they commented on.

I think Trybe is better than a lot of platforms, but if they don’t plan to change these things, then it’s not going to be mass adopted. At the end of the day people are looking for earning a profit which you can only do on Steem and Publish0x, decentralization which you only see on Steem and a bit on Minds, ease of use which I believe is better on Steem and best on Publish0x and Minds, but absolutely not on Trybe.

I also think I’m being generous to leave it here in Tertiary recommendations given that the past 4 weeks, its formatting has been completely messed up to the point where I cannot post an article anymore. I am now able to post again finally though. -

Mix Acuity – Mix offers a very interesting ability for creators and influencers to launch their own token on the network and will work to gamify it with leaderboards and incentives like a Patreon tiered paywall subscription but using minimum token hold amounts. The platform is still very new, bare-bones, and just on desktop, but as it develops, I see a lot of opportunities here and I’m excited to see how it progresses by the time I do the next review. -

Secondary Recommendations:

These are promising up and coming platforms that could easily make it to the primary recommendations by the next review. They are growing and have made huge leaps of improvement since the last review.

LBRY – I think this is a great project and while originally there was some resistance with needing to download the application you can now get on there using Regarding troubleshooting with the downloadable application, it has a lot of quirks to work around. I struggled for a while having to delete my db_revision, lbrynet.sqlite, header and blockchain.db files, restart many times, shut down all processes, edit the daemon, add exceptions to my firewall and antivirus, and just when I was about to give up it finally worked. I referred to this for troubleshooting: If they can make this more easily accessible, I think there is a lot of potential here, though again you can now just use the website so they’re on their way. I think the design is great though. I really like how you can import your YouTube videos, except it put me in a queue and I have no idea how long it will take or if it will actually work. I will report back how long it takes. Also, considering it’s supposed to be decentralized I found it odd when I disable “shares diagnostics” and it disabled my ability to earn rewards. So, I reluctantly re-enabled it so that I could earn rewards but now my account “must undergo review before you can participate in the rewards program. This can take anywhere from several minutes to several days. We apologize for this inconvenience but have added this additional step to prevent fraud.” So to some degree, I question the decentralization aspect if I must give them my private information to monetize and they must approve or deny my application. To be fair, they approved very fast. When everything is approved, it automatically uploaded my content like BitChute which is really nice and gets my stuff out to that audience with ease. This has a lot of potential and now with the beta website, I think it will likely end up in my top recommendations sooner than later. Follow the instructions at to sync your YouTube channel. -

BitChute – Major improvements over time after using it more. They have had massive improvements for functionality and loading times which used to be a deal-breaker for my use of the platform. BitChute is becoming a more and more viable video host solution. Given that you can have it automatically copy YouTube videos over entirely was the key to me using this platform and getting past the other previous issues. All my previous gripes have mostly been fixed and I’m confident that BitChute will continue to become more mainstream. Once I can embed BitChute videos on other platforms, I think BitChute will be well on its way to mass adoption. It’s nowhere near the functionality of YouTube, but it is one of the best up and comers. Unfortunately, you cannot earn crypto and it doesn’t necessarily use the blockchain, but it does use technology very similar to blockchain and I felt it was worth including. -

Uptrennd – They had recently got their token listed on exchanges so you can now finally trade your points for 1-UP tokens and sell them so it’s nice to know that they aren’t controlling the price anymore (though you can still buy from them at a higher price than what people are selling at if you weren’t aware). This could have been higher recommended but right now it’s only focused on crypto and not changing for some time so it may not be a great go-to for social unless you are somewhat of a crypto enthusiast. It’s a cool site that is very similar to Reddit. Their topics and discussion are very focused on crypto and a few other closely related topics, so it’s pretty niche for now. On the more positive side, I see great potential for Uptrennd as the interaction and engagement is amazing. The community is really awesome too. Given they open the communities and improve on the registration process which I expect they will, I do believe in its potential hence giving them a secondary recommendation and I will continue to use it. It’s has a fun gamified approach to earning crypto and it’s unique. I did have the pleasure of speaking with and interviewing the founder and I do believe in his vision and what they’re trying to do. I have high hopes for it to move up when all the improvements are made. -

Minds – This is my alternative to Twitter / Facebook. It’s like the better version of Gab with cryptocurrency and boosting. You have much less opportunity to earn a huge profit than on Steem, but Minds is much more robust and has a lot of features and things to offer. Their blockchain integration currently is very preliminary and mainly for their boosting (advertising) model where you earn for almost everything you do, but it’s only real use is for spending on promoting yourself and your content. It’s very useful and a great system, but you’re not likely to make profits from it. So again, like I said with Steem, it may depend on what your intent is for using the platform. Still, that being said, it’s one of the best platforms and it has the most hype right now. The CEO and staff are very receptive to the community and improving the platform. There are also many influencers who are on Minds and some like Tim Pool who are even advocating that people use Minds and get off Twitter. Minds has become my favorite and most interactive platform. It’s the platform I have the least gripes about and the biggest issue I see is people complaining hate speech which they can individually block or having an explicit tag so they’re doing a pretty good job with being lax on speech restriction. Instead, they give you the tools for filtering. Minds has been having trouble with their boosting model and have since limited you to 1 boost per 24 hours using offchain tokens and for newsfeed posts, while you can indefinitely boost sidebar boosts with onchain tokens. They raised the price of the onchain Minds token from $0.15 to $1.25. This is really concerning because they have massively devalued the coin and yet made it more expensive to acquire. This is the concern I had with DLive, but given you can earn Minds tokens for free, I guess it’s fine. I am really happy to see they just launched analytics for their site and they are definitely headed in the right direction in terms of all the updates they are making. They are also allowing you to earn USD based on the traffic you bring in on via Minds PRO, but they do require you agree to the terms and conditions of Stripe. I personally won't use it because unfortunately it requires as a Canadian that I give my social insurance number (SIN) to use it which I won't do and have never been asked of by any company for ever. What this says to me is that we likely won’t see it get to exchanges and boosts may continue to be very limited. I still believe Minds has the most active community and the most potential for growth as I’ve tracked all my followers and subscribers on every platform and Minds by far has grown exponentially faster comparatively, for me at least. -


Primary Recommendations:

These are the top three platforms + a bonus that are all amazing in their own unique way and I wouldn’t draw a line as to which is better, they all have their own purpose and use case. The major determiners here were profitability, monetization, decentralization, and blockchain integration.

Brave Browser (Rewards & Creator Program) – I include this as more of a tool to use, originally writing “earn crypto for allowing ads to display on your more secure and faster browser” but they have evolved well beyond that with their creator program that allows for creators to sign up to earn money via tips, grants, or through ads that might have otherwise been blocked. You can check out to see the number of channels and websites working with them. As of writing this, it’s over 250,000 which is amazing! Earning BAT in many different forms seems to be just the tip of the iceberg and I think even though it’s not necessarily a social platform, it will become a part of our social experience sooner than later. I’ve been earning a really good amount from BAT rewards and creator rewards and I’m really happy with the experience. -

If you support my work and haven't downloaded Brave browser yet, please use this link:

Publish0x – Publish0x is still new, but they have managed to iron out almost all the issues and add all the features they were missing. Cashing out is no issue since they have crypto tokens on there, adding new ones monthly and you will earn well-known tokens that you can easily trade on exchanges. Considering I’ve earned like $50 I’m intrigued and impressed. Using Publish0x has become a part of my daily routine now. I have been briefly talking with the CEO and they have some really cool ideas and stuff in the works. The only gripe I have is that notifications don’t show comments yet. They are crypto agnostic, so they don’t have their own coin, meaning they are open to working with any currency which ensures they won’t become biased. Not only that, but it gives them a huge integrity boost to know that they won’t be able to exit scam or that the platform won’t see a decline if the value went down like we are seeing on Steem. They only process withdrawals on Mondays so if you withdraw Tuesday you have to wait 6 full days, but it’s not that bad and worth noting that this is because they use offline storage and it is done for security reasons. They are the first platform to let you earn many different cryptocurrencies for your content in one place and they continue to improve. They did make primary recommendations, but when we’re talking about centralization, Publish0x is the most centralized of the primary platforms, but definitely worth using. Just last month I was able to earn more in crypto rewards on Publish0x than I was able to on Steem which shows how profitable and ideal it is to use. -

Steem + Dapps- This is my alternative to Medium / Reddit / Facebook – Steem is an innovative blockchain that enables you to earn money for every like you receive from other users. It has a reputation system, invested staking, it’s censorship resistant, and it solves a lot of monetization issues. It’s a great solution for the censored, demonetized and anyone looking to earn some money and explore a new platform. Not much at all has changed and I wouldn’t expect it to, given how long Steem has been around. The link provided is for Steemit, the first interface people usually get on, but there are plenty of other Steem interfaces you can use like DTube, Steepshot, Partiko, and more. It’s still the most viable place to earn money that you can withdraw and get into your hands quickly and easily. Read this article - - This is extremely insightful and points out the major issues in Steemit like they layed off 70% of their team and are reporting losses, 40% of the currency is owned by less than 100 people and many could be duplicate accounts, the active user base has halved since last year, and it's overrun by bots. Since then they have done a great job creating a model that allows them to scale reliably. Unfortunately for hardfork 21. In they say the hardfork will make it so that posts that would have earned over 20 Steem will now earn more and posts that would have earned less than 20 Steem will now earn even less. This is really bad for small creators of which there are many. Also, curators will earn more, and creators will earn less, which is good or bad depending who you are. They are also increasing the mana for downvotes which again could be good or bad, but I feel uneasy about the changes. Even with the changes I have still been earning a pretty consistently decent amount of Steem so I am still pretty happy with the experience and the profitability potential.

DTube – Best video host on Steem which also has their own token now -

Partiko - Best mobile Steem application where you can also earn points for using it and redeem them for Steem votes -

Also check out Steepshot, Fundition, Busy, Palnet, SteemPeak, Zap,, Esteem, and DLike.

You can check out my Steem dapp review here: or on Minds:


The biggest changes were Uptrennd getting its token listed on exchanges, Publish0x is doing really well, Steem’s hardfork 21, Minds falling down to secondary recommendations, considering Brave as a platform now because it’s amazing,, Indorse, and Springrole all fell off. DLive is also completely not recommended anymore.

There is no perfect platform and they each offer their own unique benefits. I’ve been appreciating Steem more for how it can generate passive income and how it’s easily earned me the most money. Minds was leading for engagement though now I get more engagement on Publish0x and Steem. I’m unimpressed with their boosting restrictions currently and token value change. Everyone slipped up a bit lately, but they’re still doing okay. This makes the big up and comers like Brave and Publish0x look way better. Publish0x is even offering BAT on its platform currently as Brave is a sponsor.

If you feel I made a mistake, poorly reviewed something, or missed a key platform to review, please comment below and I will take your feedback in and edit this to include it or edit my post accordingly. I really hope this benefits you as much as I hope it does. This took me a very long time. Please share this with others if you believe they will find use in it too! For some, I explained my reasoning more than others. If you’re interested, you can inquire about anything, and I’ll get more in-depth on it even making a video if needed.

Let me know what you think about all this in the comments below!


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