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My Splinterlands Journey: Back to the Game & The Essence Orb

This article was first published on Steem Blockchain:

I was away from STEEM blockchain for about two full months and I didn't play #Splinterlands at all since mid-february until late April. Of course, I found that I was demoted to Novice League and had to earn my place back to Silver from the start.




So the last Season was a catch-up season for me. My rental contracts (for most the rented cards) have passed, so if I'm going to play in Gold League again I will have to re-rent them. In this Season, I have reached Silver III with Level 1 summoners (it helps that I have some Epic and Legendary monsters which are strong even at Level 1.)

I haven't got back to my pace of 20+ battle per day, so I'll have to work on that for the next season (the current one.) I still have a lot of catching up to do~

New Cards I #Earned This Season

The only notable thing I earned this month is an Essence Orb. I got it from the Season Rewards and redeeming one gives 5 Promo Edition cards and the ones I've got are these:


EssenceCards EssenceCards


I like all these monsters! The Fire Monster: Molten Ogre was one of the monsters I regrualy rent because of his Demoralize ability. Goblin Chef & Undead Archer are nice low Mana monsters. Finally Armorsmith is one of the cards I really wanted to have for my Light Splinter teams. It was one of my least used Splinters for a reason, and the ability to repair armor makes using the splinter more appealing.


WarriorOfPeace WarriorOfPeace


I earned some Reward cards from quest and season rewards but all of them were Common monsters (or Rare monsters that I don't plan on using.) Some of them seem nice, like Warrior of Peace, but for now I'll stick with my original teams.

So, that's it for this Season. Here I am hoping to do many times better job at the next (current) Season.

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