VELIC | A Crypto-Finance Ecosystem, Secure by Design

VELIC | A Crypto-Finance Ecosystem, Secure by Design

By assasin | assasin | 21 Apr 2019



The crypto exchange market continues to grow every day. Each project is trying to be included in this ecosystem by removing their wallets. Users find it hard to find their way in such a digital wallet. With the increase of digital wallets, the security problems of the users started to come to the world. Every day another digital wallet is hacked and continues to harm users.

A large number of exchanges store users' funds in online wallets. Every year, these stock exchanges are hacked and their users are harming millions of dollars. Cold wallets were released as a solution to this problem. These cold wallets are adapted to computers by usb logic to ensure that the users' funds are kept safe. These wallets, which have their own private key, seem to ensure the safety of users, but they do not seem right.



These cold wallets, which users must carry with them constantly, do not work in environments like the crypto market. In this market that has a very high volatility, users are avoided until the tokens in the wallets are connected to the computer and the tokens are placed on the exchanges. In addition, users who purchase second hand ledger systems can be left alone with the private keys. In the past days a user has bought the password of a cold wallet he has bought.

The Velic team, which reviewed the current conditions of the crypto market, has implemented a successful online wallet system. Thanks to this wallet, users can carry out transactions with cold wallet security and perform operations very quickly. Users who can sell their token in their wallets quickly to stock exchanges can use this system in a very efficient way.



Velic Iconomi Partnership

One of the projects approved by the crypto market uses the Velic project to provide support for security. According to the Coinmarketcap data, Iconomi wallets, among the top 100 crypto currencers, announced that they would use the Velic system for the encryption system.

Velic Working Principle

Velic, which eliminates the trouble of forgetting the private key user, the biggest nightmare of the users, offers an alternative entry system. Users' passwords are kept in private online safes. When users forget their passwords, a security question is asked. If the security question is known successfully, the system automatically guides the user to the wallet section.


Velic Modules

  • Velic, which opens the doors of money exchange among the users, has also implemented a lending system. Users with this system showing their funds as collateral can join to this system and start the debt service from person to person. These funds, which are kept in escrow contracts for the safety of users, shall be terminated if any failure or parties do not fulfill the requirements.
  • Through Velic, which has an efficient operating system, users can handle their transactions in one go. Instead of dealing with dozens of wallets and passwords, users can leverage all their wallets into the Velic system, giving them the edge over speed and efficiency.
  • The Velic team is designed to support more and more users to the crypto market and is supported by general investors. The Velic team, which designs a system that fits all computers and can operate on various devices, enables operations without Metamask or tool algorithms.



Nasdaq and Velic Ico Review

In an interview conducted by Nasdaq correspondents, it was stated that the Velic system could attract the general investor. In addition to these, derivatives markets wrote that users who invest in investment such as forex would prefer the Velic system to store their asset-based funds.



As a result

The Velic project, which gives a very successful impression from site design to its team, is growing and developing day by day. Besides the crypto news sites, Velic has managed to make a name for itself through the big news channels. Details of this project can be found at the following addresses



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