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By Eili | Let's Earn! | 14 Sep 2020

Hi there! Today I will be giving you some updates on readcash. If you've seen my previous post, I've already discussed there what is readcash and how you can earn from it.(

Just for recap, this platform is a crypto-writing platform where you can earn bitcoincash(BCH) by interacting with other users through writing articles, commenting to other posts, and even by posting short updates. 

You can see your earnings through points that will be converted into USD every midnight (London time) and you can withdraw it as BCH once it reached 1USD. The price equivalent of points depends on the BCH fund on readcash. So far they have more than $200,000 on their fund! The higher is their fund, the higher is your pay-out.

I've been using readcash for months now and I must say that it was the best decision. Unlike others, I was not that active recently in writing articles or commenting but despite that, I still earn everyday! I get at most 1$ in a day even when I'm not active which is probably due to affiliate payments, sponsors, and the points I receive for my already posted articles. Yes, even if your article was posted days ago, you can still earn points from that. And when I am active, I could earn double or triple of that amount. For earning through sponsors, some members will upvote your articles as a sponsor and they will send you a certain amount they prefer every month. So you just need to make good articles for those sponsors to notice you.


My earnings for the day (0.81$). And as you can see, there's still some points there and it's still increasing even if I did not post any article and was not active today. Those points will be converted to USD tomorrow. 


Upvotes can be any amount and it will come from the upvoter's wallet. There were some users who were upvoted with an amount of 50$ and more for just one article!

So if you have the drive to share original articles of any topic and you have time to read articles and genuinely give comments or feedbacks, then readcash is the right platform for you. 

If you are interested to join their community, click this link to sign up ><

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Let's Earn!
Let's Earn!

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