By Eili | Let's Earn! | 18 Jun 2020

Hi! I want to update you about Coinpot.

Earlier this month, some of their faucets started to go offline. The only functioning faucets they had for a few weeks were the moon cash, moon dash, bit fun and bonus bitcoin. Three of their oldest faucets, moon bitcoin, moon dogecoin and moon litecoin, started to malfunction and were offline.

At first, I was a little disappointed since I have been using Coinpot for a while now and I have been consistently receiving payments form them. Having these three faucets offline will affect my earning rate, which was definitely reflected on the decrease of amount of cryptocurrency I earn during those offline times.

But then I read an announcement from them that says that these three faucets were hacked and the data from these cannot be retrieved anymore so they decided to rebuild these faucets which will be very much similar to the interface of moon dash and moon cash. The good thing about this new launch of the faucets is that you will have an instant 100% loyalty bonus and 100% mystery bonus when you use it for the first time. You just have to be consistent on using these faucets again to retain that 100%. It is a good thing since before, you have to start from 1% and wait everyday to add another 1% to your bonuses. The downside on the update is that all your referrals from the previous faucets will be gone since they cannot retrieve their data from that anymore. *UPDATE: I just claimed earlier and they now have 100% loyalty bonus on Moon Cash and Moon Dash too!

Here is the proof of the 100% bonus:


With that, I am posting the new links of the coinpot faucets here since the links I have posted before will not be functioning anymore.


Bonus Bitcoin
Bit fun
Moon bitcoin
Moon dogecoin
Moon litecoin
Moon cash
Moon dash

In case you are new to coinpot, just sign up to the coinpot link I have provided then proceed signing in to the faucet links above and start claiming. Minimum time interval between claims is 5 minutes but it is still up to you when you want to claim. Just make sure you claim everyday to maintain or increase your bonuses. If you are still uncertain if they are paying, here’s the proof that they consistently pay me:




Enjoy earning and always keep safe!



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Let's Earn!

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