Zanzibar delicacies from the Kazi Kazi bar - culinary journeys

Zanzibar delicacies from the Kazi Kazi bar - culinary journeys



Healthy products without preservatives, fresh straight from the field and the ocean

    Kazi Kazi is a small restaurant in Zanzibar in the town of Bweju. Nobody would give a penny for it, because it is a booth made of sticks and palm leaves. But there is a cook there - they call him Chef, who prepares brilliant dishes. All products are fresh, without preservatives and not even frozen. I will only add that I have gastric problems, constant acidosis and heartburn. I brought a backpack of pills, and in two months I haven't taken a single one, and I normally take the pills every day   Zanzibar Lobster from the Kazi Kazi bar



    Lobster must be ordered the day before, because it is not always available. Its preparation is the boss's secret. It is stewed in vegetables with the right amount of local spices.  


The way of serving


    Served with rice with fries and a special vegetarian paste, where the main ingredients are: okra, eggplant and spinach. You can feel the flavors of Indian cuisine in the dish.  




Zanzibar style crab from the Kazi Kazi bar



The crabs are also caught on the same day. You can even order a crab weighing 2 kg. 



The way of serving

    Our crabs were orange and much smaller, but brilliant in taste. It is prepared in a vegetable broth similar to our Italian broth and has a slightly sweet aftertaste. Served with fries made from fresh potatoes, or with loose rice  



Zanzibar style octopus from the Kazi Kazi bar


osm1.jpg osm2.jpg


Cooking octopus


Here, the matter is more complicated, because the octopus must be properly prepared. It should be thoroughly and repeatedly ground in sand to get rid of the mucus it is covered with, then beat it with a stick for a few minutes to make it crumble. Some people hit the octopus against stones. If this is not done, the meat will be rubbery and eatable.  a1.jpg a2.jpg a3.jpg a4.jpg The way of serving



    Fry the prepared octopus on a grill with spices. Serve with loose rice, vegetable salad, curry sauce with eggplant and round.  



Zanzibar style fish in coconut milk from the Kazi Kazi bar


    Fish straight from the sea, freshly caught, it can be tuna, red sniper, or any other available, fried with coconut milk   The way of serving

    We serve fried fish with the addition of chef's spices and coconut milk with fries or roasts, fresh vegetables, spinach and okra paste, lime and mango mayonnaise.  



Enjoy your meal




Photo: Panasonic Lumix, Zanzibar, Bweju, April 2021

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