Selected for London & Partners Business Growth Program 2020 Selected for London & Partners Business Growth Program 2020

fbe0d4870bed1a2d315bfeab0145a3b19ff7b45655489d53b38c4f3988052843.png is proud to announce they will be participating in the London & Partners'​ Business Growth Programme commencing the week of September 14th 2020, alongside many other innovative London based businesses, with support from the Mayor of London and the London & Partners growth and innovation fund.

We are one of the thirty businesses selected that are bringing crypto, blockchain, and fintech adoption to the forefront for the UK and helping to build London's reputation as a leader in Fintech, investing and trading.

‘We’re delighted to start our journey with on the London & Partners'​ Business Growth Programme with the Mayor of London and dozens of other start ups. We’re looking forward to connecting, networking, and aligning ourselves with the great innovative brands on this cohort!” – coinpass

Launched in 2017, the programme has supported more than 900 companies in expanding their teams, creating jobs, raising finance, launching new products and strengthening their management talent. 


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coinpass Global
coinpass Global

coinpass Global is the UK's fastest, most reliable and highest quality support cryptocurrency platform and exchange. coinpass specializes in fiat-crypto on/offramp connections to banking as well as crypto payments, OTC and trading.

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