Ripple vice president: Ripple is interested in expanding in China

By Artur89 | Arthur Crypto 2020 | 16 Jun 2020

During a recent interview with FS Club, Ripple vice president Marcus Tracher said Ripple is interested in expanding into China.


During a recent FS Club interview with Z / Yen chairman Michael Meinelli, Ripple vice president Marcus Traicher spoke about the company's plans. When asked if there are any plans to expand Ripple in China, and if so, what are the problems, Tracher noted that Ripple is very interested in expanding to China. In order for this to finally happen, the geopolitical situation must soften. Ripple's vice president explained that Ripple is already making deals with some Chinese nodes, and if the political background is better, this could be continued.

As for the type of customers Ripple is currently dealing with, about half of those with whom Ripple works and works on the network are payment companies and exchanges, and half are banks. It is also interesting that banks are usually the recipients, while payment companies are more likely to be on the side of the sender.

When asked the Ripple vice president if users can make payments anywhere in the world using Ripple technology, he replied:

          Our network is as large as the clients to which we are connected and through whom we communicate, so now we work directly in 45 countries. Through a number of RippleNet participants, such as Nium, for example, with headquarters in Singapore, who are aggregators, such as Earthport, for example, we can touch many other countries. The way we move, I think, by mid-2021, we will achieve, to intensive goals, full global reach. We have an excellent relationship with MoneyGram, with whom we have a relationship that gives us cash payments in almost all countries of the world, and we strive to create them and connect to RippleNet this year.

It was previously known that SAMA emphasized the benefits of working with Ripple.

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