Lockdown fun : creating a Pokemon Trail !

By PVM | Art of Happiness | 15 May 2020

I had great fun drawing Pokemons with my little one and we decided to turn this into an outdoor activity, involving walking, climbing and running.

We created an amazing Pokemon trail in Kempston, with 15 pokemons to be spotted while walking through the forest. 

If you follow the arrow, you will find the Start Point. 9e9091f1e6898b7156656d9876069c326329396c389885da49344877fc7062ac.jpegFrom Start to Finish, there are 15 popular pokemons to be spotted.b75e273c67c8808975b1d25ca4fe1d82a866f5eab498a6ba6c1cd64cd62ef380.jpegYou will find Jigglypuff listening to bird tweets.


Little Stufful is hiding under a log.75dc8469a0fdff83d1b3eadba786e9ed202b727aeaf589779ef8ad2972fca06f.jpegWhile Charmander climbed in a tree.6eae523728eb839082a8050b90e3a201649ffa40178527534ddac7bf3f6e0eb2.jpegBeedrill is hiding between some roots.131670d0e0a631266fa12d4e70cb6bc09002b2e224423506a55a99a8b5ecbe88.jpegAnd Squirtle is waving from a tree.a187ad992480944962c6944eab8237574a9f9a3d23bf732a5a4b9d9e95d8fd47.jpegMuk is trying to run away.

10de2f44be4997697c2967389ff64a33e822a5f833e7d67de52bc9d77a28fd7a.jpegAnd Buzzwole is flexing his muscles.bddae5d40067decf876a1d0628425002110224c5db218e8574a764a1f8d65648.jpegMeawth is planning something mischievous, 8b6384d8e98ca03ead3722f52b42cd98f5f5c07b8fed43e774271b185e5593e6.jpeg... while Zeraora is guarding the forest. Raichu is close-by to help out.

360ca28633fc3752429c86aa2e6bbc285955c424d710c07b635c355ed10ac5f0.jpegEevee is being pretty and smiling as you pass by.

fa48475a5ceb39b40fb124faeef6ec8b6b4fd2aaa01b0b04b3f2f05a0fab7efe.jpegBy the River Great Ouse, Psyduck is waiting for friends.9241810e5a150abe084a5e93fa53f13a97b725f2a2dd96a4dee38b25c37f9b86.jpegStufful is telling you that you getting closer to the Finish!

d593b540704f1cebe824814c703795861aefa51b0248159722312c12875f9ebd.jpeg... and when you see Metapod, the Pokemon trail is completed.336bb29254e3d4d8961d3e7f492deb9489fed009d2d8bd6c2c2081d6084d0911.jpegEnjoy a 1.5 km walk along Kempston Riverside, look out for 15 pokemons and enjoy the nature.ca63e8a9bf1d14ebe9b1741961de90c44ad115e67d81e942148cc6fdce19eebe.jpeg4a9ae5aedcc740ee972dafe6b2eefdcb51ca1cded8ebff139ab905206e44594a.jpeg


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Art of Happiness

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