Fried Rosemary Duck Breast: A source of Selenium

By PVM | Art of Happiness | 4 Nov 2020

Many may consider the duck's meat as a high fat food but this meat is nutrient rich. The best cooking method is to fry the breast on the skin so the majority of the fat will melt. However, the duck fat is a healthy alternative to other animal fats used for cooking, or to butter. Frying the duck breast in his own fat is double win.

A 100 grams portion of fry duck breast will contain 120 calories, 2 grams of fat, 25 grams of protein and no fibers or carbohydrates. The majority of fat is unsaturated, and a combination of Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids. The high quality protein and the variety of micronutriens (iron, selenium, niacin) are boosting nerve functions and the creation of red blood cells. The Selenium will prevent cell damage and prevent tissue inflammation, boosting the immune system 

There are no allergies or intolerance associated with duck and this type of meat is included into the Paleo diet. Duck meat can be found in every supermarket and is not hard to cook, as the process is similar to cooking chicken.


Fried Rosemary Duck Breast

For this recipe I used a pack of duck breast bought from the supermarket. Duck breast is more expensive than chicken breast but the difference in taste and texture is huge. Unpack the duck, sprinkle your favourite herbs and spices, press chopped garlic into the meat and use plenty of Rosemary. I am lucky to have my own Rosemary pot in the garden, and this is the main reason why I am using it so often when cooking. Cover in film and leave it in the fridge, to infuse the flavours, until you have to cook. ba017cacb67d13a54edab45bf91e9991deffdb7aef1fe056f1202eae62f86b83.jpegNo oil is needed because the fats in the skin will melt when the meat will touch the hot pan. Fry the breast skin down for five minutes. Add the garlic and rosemary in the pan for extra flavour. After five minutes, turn the breast and cook for two more minutes. You can turn the heat of, put the lid on and let it rest in the pan.ffbe6d207009c30f7431369198e64f1bafc945a21244c32aa5b311a7fa1b3059.jpegCut it in small slices, with or without the skin. Sprinkle herbs, salt and smoked paprika and enjoy!25fe26f631eb06b0d5c16ad34a17dca27f43c76fcfdf8c8fe9ee8c3aae873b4a.jpeg

Duck has a solid nutritional profile and is recommended to everyone. If you are a Paleo diet enthusiast, cooking your first duck makes you the apex predator that hunted the duck straight from the pond (please don't hunt ducks from the pond and just imagine this happening in the Paleolithic)


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