Crypto Cooking - Travel, Cheese Bonanza and Web2 Time-Warp

By PVM | Art of Happiness | 21 Jul 2023

Few months ago I visited another famous British town, and found a place where the cheese is worthy for gods feasts! Rugby is one of the most popular towns in Warwickshire, well known for local attractions that are linked to ... rugby! This article is about travel, cheese and Web2! 


The market town is set close to the river Avon, the second largest town in the county. Can I go a full article without any crypto references? No ... I can't! Forget about the crypto winter and get ready for the bull run! I stopped and had pint of dark berries cider at The Bull,  and watch the charts go green! 


While walking around I found Cheese on the Green, an independent fine cheese shop! Everything was unique, with the best supplies filling the shelves. Say ... cheeseeee! 

The shop is owned and run by Richard Cooper, former Provisions Buyer and Senior Provisions Specialist at Fortnum & Mason, "the Queen's grocer", and Manager of specialist cheese shop Paxton & Whitfield in London's West End.


Cheese everywhere! Cheeses made from cow, sheep and even goat milk, some unpasteurized for a full flavor, and some exotic flavors. Chutneys, pickles, jams, marmalades, biscuits and crackers are also available. 

Every piece of cheese was hand-cut, making the experience even more unique. I picked up a spicy cheese, one mixed with edible charcoal, a Danish cheese that tasted like caramel and some other posh treats. We will feast like in Valhalla! 


Cheese is part of human's history, eaten by most cultures around the world. Throughout history, many animals have been valued for their milk, including camels, bison, goats, and even mofo yaks.

You can enjoy cheese melted on pizza, sliced for a sandwich, or sprinkled over a salad, but nothing compares with a fancy cheeseboard! Cheese a whole food, one of the foods that is as close to its natural form as possible. 

The nutrition can vary depending on the type of cheese, and it's hard to keep track when everything is plated so nicely. I always been a fan of meat and cheese boards, and the additional fruits and vegetables will only enhance the flavors. 

Can you see the cheese that looks like chocolate? That's Gjetost, comes from Norway, and is my new favorite cheese! The pasteurized cheese is made with mixed milk, and has a sweet flavor. The texture is very like fudge, achieved by caramelizing the whey of cows' and goats' milk and then adding cream and more milk.

The below cheese platters are festive, with savory rice crackers, sweet biscuits, cold cuts of meat, and a wide pallet of colors and tastes. I added pears, apples, grapes, tomatoes and cucumber to pair up with the flavors of the cheese, and even crumpets and fruity minced pies! 


Let's agree on this... cheese is everywhere! You add it on sandwiches, you can enjoy it melted on pizza, or sprinkled over a salad. Cheese is known as a whole food, something as close to it's natural form as possible. 

Cheese is created with minimal to no processing, and the nutrition can vary  depending on what kind of cheese you eat or how much. The beneficial nutrients present in cheese include: Protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin K, Zinc, Vitamin D and Calcium.

The average ounce (28 grams) of cheese contains 104 calories, 5 grams of protein, 9 grams of fat, 1 gram of carbohydrates, calcium and sodium. However, harder cheeses tend to be higher in sodium, and nutrient content can vary from brand to brand. 

The cheese made from the milk of animals that are raised 100% grass-fed also contains omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin K2, both nutrients used by the human body to clot blood. The calcium and protein in cheese are great for building strong bones and muscle.

Since cheese is made from milk, it’s also strongly packed with calcium. Calcium will help the bones to develop stronger and prevent osteoporosis as we age. Vitamins A, D, K, and zinc in cheese are also thought to contribute to bone health.

I eat cheese and dairy products on a daily basis, knowing that my diet will help ease inflammation and may even help prevent heart disease and obesity. Did you know that the high levels of calcium in dairy products like cheese can help reduce blood pressure. Lower-fat, low-sodium cheeses, eaten in moderation as part of a healthy diet, can help lower blood pressure!

Cheese is your Calcium friend, the most abundant mineral in the body! Calcium regulates vascular function, nerve transmission, muscle function, and hormone secretion. While only 1% of the calcium in the body is necessary for these functions, the other 99% is stored in the bones. Why? Because our bones go through constant remodeling throughout your life. 

Our bodies cannot create new calcium, and we lose calcium every day through our dead skin cells, nails and hair, sweat, and excrement. It is important to refill, and cheese is our friend! While most cheeses are an excellent source of protein, low moisture-content cheeses are the best choice.

The cheese platter is the most complete breakfast option, with everything needed to boost up the energy levels. Ham and chorizo for protein, fruits and vegetables for vitamins, crackers and biscuits for savory tastes and a cheese bonanza to treat the taste buds. The platter had cheese with ginger, smoked cheese, the already famous Gjetost and the extra hot chilly cheese! What's your favorite cheese?


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