A Dish Straight From Memecoins Lands - Grilled Aubergines With Bacon And Cheddar Cheese

By PVM | Art of Happiness | 26 May 2024

Once upon a time I started blogging! I made three blogs and told to myself that I will publish in turns in all three.

Mind Puzzles - the cryptocurrency one - did a hostile takeover and locked the healthy lifestyle blog and the travel adventures in a dark ... dark place!

This sarcastic article will fill your belly with good food and your mind with crypto opportunities! Are you hungry for money and thirsty for knowledge?

Cooking is similar to crypto in so many ways, as you can mix various ingredients to create a masterpiece... or overcook it! You will enjoy it, you will want more, and sometimes you get burned!  


Chicken is like the layer-2 ETH chain that everyone is happy to use! It's not as expensive as the mainnet lamb or a rump stake, and does it's job when you are hungry! Vegetables? This are the memecoins of the food chain! 

What about aubergines? Well... we all know when we can use that emoji! You may know them as egg plants... and they are very versatile!

Along with tomatoes, potatoes and bell peppers ...  the aubergine belongs to the nightshade plant family!

Grilled aubergines with bacon and cheddar

In addition to the classic purple variety, aubergines are available in other colors, including lavender, jade green, orange and yellow, and are also available in a range of shapes and sizes.

I used medium size ones to cook this meal, one that contains all your daily requirements. 

I cooked something both weird and wonderful … grilled aubergines with bacon and cheddar! Done it all in 15 minutes in the air fryer!

I basically used the vegetable as an edible plate for the bacon and cheese. On top of that, you're plate is a source of antioxidants.

So the aubergine protects the fats that make up brain cell membranes. What else? They are a useful source of fiber and low in fat and sugar, making them a valid inclusion for those managing type-2 diabetes.


Sliced the aubergines long-way and put them in the air-fryer for 8 minutes, then turned them over and added the toppings.

Cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese, bacon and herbs to make the meal posh, then back for 5 more minutes!   While you wait... learn some more amazing things!

Adding aubergine in your diet may help lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, the type often referred to as ‘bad’ cholesterol.

These effects are likely to be due to the fibre as well as the antioxidant content of aubergine, including nasunin.

However, human trials are needed to clarify what is known in this area and to confirm its relevance in a human diet.   Want to lose weight? Use them to successfully replace more calorie-dense options in a range of different recipes.

The beneficial compound nasunin helps dilate blood vessels by activating a compound called nitric oxide.   Time to eat! Dinner with candles? Is Bitcoin mooning again?

I plated them and added a sweet potato as a side, and two types of tofu. Cooked half as it was and the other half in teriyaki sauce. The onions were fried in teriyaki sauce as well! Enjoy!  


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