By MehakJain | Art and perception | 27 May 2020

Two segment of a man's soul
Good and evil they are called.
They asked me to choose one,
Not knowing the secret, I have learnt.
Love others the former taught,
Why not yourself, the evil spoke.
Despite being hated by those others,
All it wanted in us, was also a lover.79cb2237ca410e1e2346cc4edfc21476c7bf7b642bbc622a17193fbeb55b2cf9.jpeg

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I am an artist. My art is mostly a mockery on social normalization. It also deals with the phases we go through mentally which aren't acknowledged/ talked about often

Art and perception
Art and perception

Art conveys more than what we see at a glance. In this blog, I will try to talk about various flip side of stories through art and poems or some mental phases that we often face during our life.

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