Hi! I'm Nelius and this is my introduction post

By nelius | Around the music | 3 Sep 2019

Hi to all, 


I'm Nelius and I'm new here, I just set up an account some days ago and started reading and hearing music. In just one day I thought that it should be a great place to start a new adventure and ai decoded to ask about being a creator and I was allowed! Now I'm just starting with a hello world. 


I'm from a little piece of land on the south european continent, but I think that the place where I'm from is just irrelevant since we are all connected without any frontiers or differences between us. I think we are living a very interesting moment as humanity. I'm planning to talk about this in later posts. 


I make music as a hobby and also I earn my daily life around it. I teach, conduct some choirs, have some gigs...


Here you have a little sample of my music in a classical/contemporary style:




And here another in modern style:




You can browse my choon account and you will see I like to make different kinds of music depending on the moment, the feelings...


Besides the music, I like philosophy, reading, photography, nature, growing my own food, cryptos and languages. 


I'm not 100% sure o how to manage this site and I'm very excited to start a couple of blogs I have in mind, I hope you will find it interesting enough.


So, nice to meet you!



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Around the music
Around the music

In this blog I'll talk about the music I make, my music life and also the music I love, music ideas, concepts, history...

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