The princess Warrior itself, Beatrix Ironhand - Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge

Hi folks from the Splinterlands, I really hope you are enjoying this crazy times! Everything connected to Splinterlands seems pure gold right now: card prices are ATH, DEC price is flying and we're all taking good profits from the SPS Airdrop!
My deck is currently valued around 3000$ on Peakmonsters, crazy isn't it?
What a time to be Splinterlands fanatic!

With all this things going on, it's easy to forget that Splinterlands is also super fun to play: just few simple rules can generate infinite gameplays and dynamics, and there's always something to learn as your deck slowly grows.
So I thought it was a good idea to come back to basics and keep on writing about the game with the Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge.
This week the challenge is about the princess warrior itself, Beatrix Ironhand!




#Edition: UNTAMED
#Rarity: EPIC
#Element: EARTH
#ABILITIES: Close Range at level 1; Thorns at level 3; Cripple at level 5

Known for standing her ground despite any odds, this royal daughter detests being called a princess but takes her position very seriously. Beatrix leads the Maglarian defense forces when needed and spends most of her days training in the ancient boomerang arts of her people. Originally, boomerangs were used to catch unruly mountain goats and other small hillside creatures, but they were elevated to the status of epic weaponry when the Goblins attempted their historic invasion of Maglar, some 200 years ago.



Immagine 2021-07-29 151303.jpg

Beatrix Ironhand is a very powerful card: it's fast, it's powerful, has no clear weaknesses, and it comes with a lot of growing abilities.
Like any other powerful card, it's going to keep its value over time, and it will help you winning battles (and earning DEC consequently).
I bought one for 0.50 $ BCX just a few weeks ago, while now it's impossible to buy one for less than 6$ BCX.

At the end it turned out that any possible card on Splinterlands was a super investment, at least for me. I will then stop making considerations on any single card as an investment.

I will personally just focus on buying cards based on two main aspects:

  • powerful/useful cards, they will help me winning battles ang earning DEC/SPS
  • cards that help me grow my Collection Power for cheap





Immagine 2021-07-29 152400.jpg

As I mentioned before,** Beatrix Ironhand **is a powerful card. I decided to use it in a mid mana cap battle with Back to basics and Even Steven Ruleset.
I decided to try to build a good wall with my tank and my backup tank, a great combo of Flesh Golem and Oaken Behemot, evoked by my Scarred Llama. If my wall could resist, thanks to the long life of both my tanks, ranged attack monsters from the second line could have time to slowly destroy my enemy's lineup!
This second unit was formed by Beatrix IronhandMitica Headhunter and my usual Halfling Alchemist.

Remember: in a battle with back to basics ruleset, second line cards are protected, and life points are way more important than abilities!

I completed my lineup with free-to-use Furious Chicken to give my self an opportunity for one more attack: no need of that, my strategy worked pretty well, and I was able to easily win this one!

Cheers guys! I hope to see you soon for another challenge!

You're not playing Splinterlands? Shame on you! Go try it!

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