Stepdrop new feature - Earn by learning with quizzes!

A few weeks ago I wrote about Stepdrop, an hidden gem I am particularly proud of because it's one the first serious crypto project from my own country, Italy. Stepdrop is an App that promotes Young Platform, a super easy to use Crypto exchange. Through the app Stepdrop you'll be able to earn Young Platform native token (YNG - valued around 0.28$). 

Stepdrop pays you back for every step you take during your day. You can signup, walk and claim your steps to progress in your quests and in the rankings to win Young (YNG) tokens, or you can just watch ads to earn a fraction of token.


So, what's new?

To celebrate the launch of their new Young Platform PRO, Stepdrop has implemented a new way to earn, through which you can earn way more quickly than ever. Similarly to the project Coinbase Earn, users are asked to learn something by reading an article or watching a video and prove that they learned something by answering correctly to a quiz. Just be aware: unlikely Coinbase Earn, questions are tough and very detailed, you gotta study hard buddies!

I tried quizzes myself and i wasn't able to get 100% score in a few of them , despite putting in some effort!



How does it work?

In order to access quizzes, you'll just need to open the Education section, choose the topic, read the article and answer the quizzes.


- Single choice questions (circular selectors)
- Multiple choice questions (square selectors)


- You answered 100% correctly? You’ll get the full reward in YNGs, as shown in the single lesson overview.
- You answered between 60% and 99% of the questions correctly? You’ll get a proportional share of the reward.


Both in case of a total and partial loss, the quiz is repeatable if you have lives available. Otherwise, you can recover 1 Life by watching an Advertising Video or waiting for the specified time. 

Watch out for the bonus!

Thanks to Young’s partnership with MakerDAO, for the first week alone, the quizzes on Stablecoin give triple the reward.


How much did I earn?


Here's my balance after a month or something using this app. Not bad if your consider all you have to do is walking and learning ;)



Hope you guys find this information useful, don't forget to support my journey and let me know about new earning opportunities!

Love ya!


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