Splinterlands: which cards should you buy first

The more I play Splinterlands, the more I understand the rule and the endless possible outcomes of a battle, the more I enjoy it!

I'm now entering my third season, i finally found a good-chilled guild and I'm starting to build decent decks to face a good amount of battles.  I quickly realized that the best use for DEC ( the token of Splinterlands ecosystem) i was earning was to invest them buying new cards.

More cards = More chances to win battles = More chances to earn other DEC

At the beginning i just bought some random card, just to see how the market works and to understand how to do it. Then i started getting deep into the game rules and strategy and i realized that some cards work better than others in battles, expecially if you're at the beginning.

Advice: the firsts cards you'll buy should be neutral

In Splinterlands there are seven types of cards (Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death, Dragon and Neutral) that you can play with. I found neutral cards extremely useful at the beginning, because you can use them with different kind of summoners and pretty much in every battle. That's way you should buy them first: you'll maximize your investment and you'll use them often. Furthermore, some of them are extremely useful, i see them n a lot of battles.

First Card i Bought: Furious Chicken



Under the brave leadership of a great hero known only as The Alpha Chicken, all chicken-kind is finally rising up against their oppressors.

One the most useful card in the game. I see it in a lot of battles, and the reason is very simple: it costs nothing in term of mana. Furious Chicken works as scapegoat: it will die in the first seconds of the battle most of the time, but it will protect your ranged-monster by enemy's worst killers. Ultimately, it will remove an attack of your opponent, for free. In Splinterlands a single attack can makes all the difference between win and loss ;)


Second Card i Bought: Creeping Ooze



To make things worse, it managed to board a boat and escape Mortis.

Hi Creeping Ooze! I use this monster in almost every battle: it has no attack, but for a very little price (1 mana costs) it will slow down every monster of your enemy until he remains in the game. For this reason, you'll have to protect it: I normally place it in the middle of my line-up, where it is not an easy target.


Any advice from you guys? Which cards should i buy next to try climbing the leaderboard? Hope to hear your voice soon! Love



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