Splinterlands Best Duos - Episode 1 - Chain Golem and Halfling Alchemist

The more I play Splinterlands, the more I realize how much understanding rules and testing your card abilities is the key to victory.
Building the perfect team in every situation takes times and knowledge, and you will soon realize there are cards that are more powerful than others, and cards that are extremely useful only if combined with other specific card that can level their game up.

A couple of tips to truly understand the dynamics of this wonderful game (thanks to @mercurial9 for letting me discover them):
-you can check on Splinterstats  which cards are statistically more used and which cards are part of winning teams more often
-you can find on Peakmonster Battlechain  strategies used by best players to win battles. Like they say, learn form the best (and copy them ;)

Looking at all those stats and battles, there's something you'll notice immediately: some cards are born to play together. Understanding this will help you so much in playing games, that's why I decided to produce a series of articles here and on Hive, to tell you about my favorite "duo" when I play Splinterlands.
I'll go in deep on why I like them, when to use them and what are the weak point of every couple.
Most of them you'll probably already know and some of them are maybe similar to other "couples" that you regularly use, I hope you'll enjoy it!
I will start with a couple that I use really a lot...


This couple is truly a classic. Both card are neutral, that means you can use them in almost every battle... which I do.
Chain Golem is quite expensive on the market (priced around 12$ right now), while Halfling Alchemist comes cheaper (around 2.50$)
If your prefer, you can use every monster with "Shield" ability in the place of Chain Golem, it will work exactly in the same way.

The idea is pretty simple: whenever enemy's line up has a tank, The Halfling Alchemist will make it a lot weaker, or even totally unable to harm your Golem thanks to the shield ability. Your tank will last, your magic and ranged attack will do the rest.




The perfect ruleset to play these two is "Lost Magic" or "Weak Magic". I suggest this duo for low mana battles (below 20), in high mana battles too many magic monster can really harm your duo.


The weak point of this duo is, of course, magic. If your enemy has a full power Magic team, with a good quickness, it may harm your tank pretty much quickly. The point is that your enemy has to go full magic, which is somehow risky: if your opponent team is somehow balanced, your lineup will stand.
Another weak point is the quickness of Halfling Alchemist: he may miss the shot, which is going to lead to some trouble.


Want to see this dynamic duo in action? Here's a couple of examples of how they work fine together!

Battle n 1

Battle n 2


If you guys have any other Splinterlands couple that you always play together, let me know and I will test them and make a review immediately.


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My journey to 1 Bitcoin

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