Publish0x vs Hive/Leofinance. What's better for you?

Speaking of platform that use crypto to reward users for blogging, both as content producers or readers, Publish0x and Hive/Leofinance are legitimately two of the biggest players in the market. I'm not aware of how things are going with Steem after switching to Tron, and I never used other platform which I know are quite popular such as or Torum.

I've been active on Publish0x since a long time, at the very beginning just as a reader, while I can be considered a newbie on Hive. I joined a couple of months ago, attracted by the Splinterlands community: I discovered a whole ecosystem, not easy to understand immediately.
After this couple of months I can finally put down some considerations: Publish0x and Hive are different in so many ways, but both platform have a great vision.

I hope my consideration will help new users decide which one fit their needs the best.


Here's the first big difference between the two platform. Hive is built on top of his own blockchain and every community born on Hive has his own token, while Publish0x defines itself as crypto agnostic: it's not built on top of any blockchain in particular.

The team of Publish0x choose different cryptos or token over time to reward its users.
This choice can result in much flexibility: as a user, your rewards are not related to any particular crypto (which could potentially collapse and take away all of your earnings). If a token doesn't works a reward, it's replaced by a new one.

I'm here on Publish0x since the very beginning, I still remember being rewarded with Hydro token ( which at the end worth nothing) as well as LRC (my tipping earning worth now more than 40$, LRC growth 10x since I started tipping).

On the other side, HIVE is pretty solid and some of its token (like LEO) are doing really well.



On-boarding on HIVE can be difficult, I have to admit. The whole platform is much more similar to a social network: if you don't establish any significant relationship - like real relationship - no one will notice and curate your work.
On-boarding on Publish0x is much more easy: you have a fixed amount of tip everyday, and you can use them to earn from day one.
Here's another big difference: on Hive, the value of your Tips (Curation) depends on how much token you have staked: the more you own, the more you earn from "liking" other people content.
This system tends to make life easier for whales: to be honest, whale on Hive are doing a great job with newbies, always trying to help them curating their work and helping them Powering Up (Power Up is basically the staking)


To me, here's where Publish0x really wins. Such great authors share their knowledge here, I cannot count how many projects and opportunities I found here: being on Publish0x was literally my turning point to understand cryptos.
On the other side, great content can be found also on Hive and some of their communities, especially Leo. What I personally don't like that much, is that a lot of communities just talk about themselves. You'll find a lot of articles on Leofinance speaking of Leofinance: at the beginning it can be very useful to understand how it works, on the long period I think this can be a limit.




On the contrary, here's where Hive wins. There are just so many ways to earn I haven't discovered them yet all. There's a bunch of communities and token you can receive for your blog, there are games built on top the same blockchain (Splinterlands, DCity, etc...), there are bots you can delegate your Vote Power to and a native engine to exchange tokens. Literally, it's a universe and exploring it takes time.
Pro Tip: make some friends on Hive, they will guide you.
On Publish0x things are much more easier: you have to be damn good at writing, that's all you need need to build your audience.




I'm still not sure which platform is the best: my earnings on both platform were quite limited to be honest.
One thing i noticed is that my posts on Publish0x give a constant income, which is growing with the growing of my audience. Plus, you have to consider that you can receive rewards for your work even one year after you have published your post.

On Hive, it's much more like a gamble: it can happen that 2 or 3 posts go completely unnoticed, while another one can let you earn easily 5$ with a single vote (that happens, especially on Leofinance, when a whale curates your post)
Beware: on Hive you only have 7 days to receive your reward: after this period, you will not be able to receive vote on your posts.


Final Thoughts

Again, the two platform have both a great vision, and they can really help onboarding users toward crypto and mass adoption (I remember on guy on Leofinance from Venezuela, he said his daily curation work on Hive helped him living with daily expenses).

Publish0x is for sure much more easier to understand, Hive has probably the biggest potential with is growing universe.

My advice is to try them both and then decide which one, if not both of the, is worth your time


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