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I still remember as a child enjoying so much playing Monopoly with my grandma. We used to spend days on a single game.
The sense of slow progression, of owning something which is truly yours, managing resources, that sense of control over the game... I really loved it.

That feeling I found it back few years later with one of the first videogame I really loved, Simcity 2000.

The two games have something in common: you feel like you can do it. If you're good enough, if you care enough and put the right effort, you can slow build your fortune.
Kind of the middle class hero dream, be the real estate king of your little kingdom ;)

Some of these feelings I found them back again 15 years later, approaching cryptos: make your assets grow, take decisions, build your future step by step... sounds familiar right?

You take all these elements, you combine them with the potential of blockchain in term of true ownership, a little bit of NFT's and a hint of Minecraft and voilà: you have created Upland.



Upland is a metaverse where you buy, sell, and trade virtual properties mapped to the Real World. Users become digital land owners by purchasing a virtual property mapped to a real-world address. There's then an entire economy built on top of the system, based on platform native token UPX.
Users have the opportunity to make money in the by earning a return on properties and collecting fees from visitors, by selling properties ore by running one of the many upcoming businesses in Upland.


This economic system has his own rules, just like real world real estate market. Properties in the center of San Francisco and New York are more expensive than properties in the suburbs of Fresno (these are the first three cities available in the game).
If you take smart decisions, you can make your assets grow. If you take bad decisions, your assets will stay the same or slowly decrease.

Let's try something different

As I have mentioned before, this game has the right mix of elements to make it truly special for me.
This is why I decided to participate in a writing contest here on Publish0x for the very first time. It sounded like the right occasion for me.

I didn't want to make a guide or a tutorial on how to onboard into the game, I'm sure you'll find plenty of them even here on Publish0x. I will not get in deep on how the game works and how you can use different strategies to boost your earnings (there are Treasure Hunts, Collection to complete, Boosts to unlock)

The first idea that I had for this article was to become enormously rich buying in Upland every plot owned by McDonalds in real life in the city of Fresno, CA.
If you've seen the movie "The Founder", you will know that McDonald's became a giant more with real estate operations than by selling burgers.
I thought that when Upland will be the main metaverse in the world, with advertising and a big economy built on top of it, assets will be super expensive and McDonald's would have bought back from me every plot. I would than be incredibly rich.


Spoiler Alert: I didn't work. Every plot with McDonald's on it was already taken, and I needed a backup plan.

Postacards from Upland

And there came the second idea: since Upland is a digital metaverse floating between blockchain and the real world, why not using it for building real world connections, and inviting real people to own their plot both in real life and digital life?
My idea was pretty basic: I decided to bring the referral system to real life and do the first referral by letter I've ever heard of, giving the property of digital plot to the owner of the plot in real life as a gift.

When you first approach the game, you are given a small amount of UPX that you can use to buy your first assets: I went a little bit around Fresno until I found this little hood at the north border of Clovis with reasonable prices. The surrounding was nice, the atmosphere was quite: at the I bought 5 plots in the hood.



After becoming the happy owner of 5 small houses in this cozy residential area of Clovis, I randomly pick one nice house for my little experiment: the lucky one was this adorable house in 495 Serena Avenue, Clovis CA.


I decided to write a letter to the unknown owner of this beautiful house inviting him to join Upland with my referral code. If he'll do so, I will give him his own land in Upland for free as a welcome gift. He will be the owner of the same plot both in digital and real world.


I've got no idea if this will ever work, but sounded funny enough to worth trying. I felt a little bit like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean, but you'll never know: maybe the guy from 495 Serena Avenue will answer me, and Upland will have a good story to tell.


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