Oh Dwarf, why are you so Angry? SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge GRUMPY DWARF

Joining Splinterlands back in April 2020 might have been one of the best decisions I have ever made... Right now I have a beautiful game to play, a community of friends to rely on, and a bunch of assets, worth now more than 8K $, that I can take profit from (by playing, selling, staking or renting them)

Everything is going great, the sun is shining and all my little creatures are happy to fight for me and be part of this game... all but one!
You Little Grumpy Dwarf... why are you angry? Is it because you people are always grumpy? Or is it because I hardly remember that you are part of my deck and I barely played you one or two times in the last year? ūüėā

So, here's my promise: I'll play you more often, but please... smile sometimes!
Besides, this is why Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge exist: to put a spotlight on cards that we might have forgotten and are just collecting dust.




The reason why I often forget the existence of this grumpy little man is that as a card, in my opinion, Grumpy Dwarf is neither fish or meal. It has a little attack, medium-low speed, a very little life and 1 Shield, which makes it quite an average card.
A little bit of everything, without a real strong feature. At 2 mana evoking cost it would be a great card,at 3 it would be good, at 4 is a little bit useless, in my opinion.



#Edition: BETA
#Rarity: COMMON
#Element: NEUTRAL
#ABILITIES: Reach at level 1; Enrage at level 5

Having run from a great terror on the other side of the world, the Dwarves are new to the Splinterlands. They don’t take kindly to strangers, and since they are now surrounded by strangers, the residents of the Splinterlands have taken to calling them Grumpy Dwarves. They are quite fierce with axes






The best scenario I could think of to showcase the use of this little dwarf was this low mana cap battle, with Lost Magic ruleset.
Without the threat of magic, I was able to protect Grumpy Dwarf with a powerful tank like Living Lava.
With this kind of low mana cap battle, the best thing for me is to choose on kind of attack and "go full" with it.
In this case, I went full Meele, supporting my creatures with Malric Inferno.

My opponent strategy was pretty similar to mine, but the little dwarf made all the difference: its reach ability helped me killing enemy's tank and winning the battle. Good job little dwarf, please don't be angry anymore.



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