Long Live Brave Tournaments - Why Sponsored Tournaments are the Key

Hi Publish0x community! I've been away for a while, really busy at work. Still I was able to find some time to play the best blockchain game around, Splinterlands.

Last week I had pretty good time playing. I somehow managed to finish in the Top 10 in Bronze League, which was hard enough and required quite good effort: to be in first spots you need to play at least 500-600 games per season, winning at least 90-95% of it.

I'm still not fully aware of how rankings are calculated: let's just say that - at top level - if you win you'll get 3 points, if you lose you'll lose 36 points. That's why if you want to be in the top 10, you basically cannot lose. Most of the battle in bronze are quite easy, because a lot of players are still learning how to play, but sometimes you'll face good enemies with in low mana cap battles (pretty common in Bronze League) with limited choice option: that's why winning is not always automatic.

Anyway, I managed to reach the top 10, and I was rewarded with a Scarred LLama in one of three packs I won. Just super!



This season I decided to compete in Silver League, playing less games but having more fun. For the same reason I started taking a few tournaments, but no one was better than Brave sponsored Tournament.
I was able to reach the 5th place and get 5K DEC as a reward which made me very happy.

But that was not the best part.

The best part was that I was able to compete with elite players, with decks of 2M Card power - mine is 50K - and enjoying it.
I was able to see cards I never saw in battle before, tricks and strategies from the best players, and I was even able to beat some of them.

Sponsored Tournaments are a key factor for this game to me in the future: by setting a cap - in this case only Novice league cap, no legendaries - they allow player from different levels to compete together, focusing on strategies and gameplay rather than Card Power.

I understand that Splinterlands cards are NFT indeed, and since they have a value there will always be a sort of Pay2Win influence over the game. Tournaments can help the game finding a good balance between card economic value and gameplay, letting good players with small decks getting rewards because they can play and they understand the game.

Here's a picture of me among the best players of this game: it feels good ;)





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The Very Confused Martin Babalor

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My journey to 1 Bitcoin
My journey to 1 Bitcoin

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