How to withdraw airdrop tokens from is probably one of the most interesting projects recently launched in the Crypto sphere. claims to be a not-profit banking service, with an already launched own currency, Hi dollar, and a very generous reward system to attract new clients.

If you have no idea what is, please have a look at this article, where I tried to sum up everything I could find about the platform. already attracted almost 2M users in just a few months, so is definitely something that must be on your radar.

How to withdraw

If you don't want to read, I found this very informative video ;)

The ongoing airdrop is probably the reason why this project is rising: with just one click users are able to claim 1 hi dollar a day, plus a fixed percentage of referred users. 
Too good to be true? Not really: the airdrop seems legit, but if you have tried to withdraw your tokens you could have figured out the trick. Funds are locked for one year, and they will progressively be redeemable in one year after KYC is passed. Not only rewarded HI dollars are subject to this lockup period but also bought HI dollars are.

While not being able to withdraw your funds can be frustrating, it's clear why this was made: no one in the world is really giving away money for free. In this case, building a solid base of users and holders is the golden rule for every project. By not allowing users to immediately sell HI dollars, people at are protecting their own token from quick dumps.

Your rewarded HI tokens will slowly start to move from your reward account to your flexible account in one year. From there, you'll be able to withdraw.



Here are all the rules that affect the withdrawals on

  • All members have to pass KYC in order to use this feature.
  • The  minimum amount for withdrawals is 30 USD equivalent 
  • HI Dollars have lockup periodsonly unlocked hi Dollars can be withdrawn. Unlocked funds which are free to withdraw are on your Flexible Account
  • HI Dollars Rewards will have a 1 year lockup period, for bought hi Dollars it will have either 1 or 4 years lockup period, you may choose upon buying.
  •  For bought hi dollars Locked hi dollars are released proportional on a daily base to Flexible account.
  •  For free rewards (daily and referrals) you must wait 1 year lock period and after 1 year passes, hi dollars will start to release proportionally on a daily base to your Flexible account, in the same way you received them.Example: You got today 10 hi dollar, in 1 year you will receive them to your Flexible account IF you passed KYC.


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