Let's talk about Hi.com - Review

As I was looking for new ways to be even more sucked into Cryptos on the internet, I came across this project I have never heard of, Hi.com, which looks promising enough.
Hi.com  presents itself as a not profit banking service, with an already launched own currency, Hi dollar, and a very generous reward system to attract new clients.

Just by signin in users can collect 1 Hi Dollar a day, valued around 0.70$, which will be locked for one year and tradable after KYC.
This sounds honestly too good to be true: with over 1 million users already registered, that's a huge amount of money for an Airdrop, even if we consider that is attracting new customers.
On top of that, Hi offers solutions to attract capitals with high returns in the form of locked savings (up to 40% APY for Hi holders).

It's honestly hard to understand immediately what is Hi.com and what services does it offer, so I decided to DYOR a bit to try understand who's behind, if it's a legit project, and if we can trust the ongoing reward/airdrop.

Long story short: I don't have the skills and the knowledge to say if this project is legit. What I decided was worth doing is collect every information I can find so everyone can easily access them in one single place: by doing that I hope I can help users making their own opinion.

My personal opinion is that Hi.com is more than legit: it's just very early, still in beta phase, and from what I understand it's just applying a very aggressive marketing strategy that, in my opinion, will not last forever. I really hope this might be one of these early gem everyone here is looking for, but again, please use the information I collected as a beginning of your own researches



First, let's see how Hi.com defines itself.

"Hi is leveraging blockchain technology to build services that are community-powered. Members of hi are the key stakeholders of this ecosystem, and the business is committed to maximize membership value – not profits. Our first product is a digital wallet that provides members with the most seamless payment experience via social messengers (initially Telegram and WhatsApp, next LINE, Facebook Messenger and others). "

From what we can understand, Hi aims to build financial services built on a blockchain powered by Hi dollars, his native cryptocurrency, and the member of the community. A sort of unconventional banking organization, owned by the community, able to develop a payment system which rely on third party messaging sustems, like Telegram or WhatsApp.
If you need further information on the services provided by Hi.com, included peer-to-peer transaction, benefits for Hi holders, and APY returns, please read the whitepaper.

If you are interested in more technical details about HiP blockchain, please find the protocol paper 


In August 2021 Hi.com launched his own token on the Ethereum Blockchain, called Hi Dollars. Hi Dollar has a marketcap of 350M+ dollars, not yet verified by Coinmarketcap, and it's currently valued around 0.74 $. You can find Ethereum contract here 


The token was audited and certified by Certik, one of top ten certification companies for Blockchain. CertiK audits blockchain ecosystems and smart contracts through ‘formal verification,’ a process which evaluates the source code of a given program through rigorous mathematical theorems. Certik has completed the audit of more than 500 companies so far.

The token is tradable on Hi.com and on Uniswap, where it has a TLV of 19M+ and a daily volume of 100K+ $. The token will be tradable on more platforms in the near future.




The website hi.com is the main source of information for the project, while banking services are provided through an app developed for Android, IOS and available also via browser.
The website is extremely well designed, so are the logo and mobile apps. The app is still in beta phase, with a very few financial services already active.




The main reason why I saw users talking about Hi on forums is the reward system. First developed with Telegram Chatbot, and now available on the mobile app, the program rewards users for basically doing nothing but answering questions and being involved in the tool. Users are able this way to collect 1 Hi dollar a day.
These hi Dollars will be locked for 1 year in the member’s Rewards Account and released following identity verification. hi Dollars in the
Rewards Account are not entitled to yield and do not count towards a member’s membership tier.



The whole project is quite at early stage, with a lot of key services yet to be released or developed. At this point te mobile app is released with a short list of functionalities, more oriented to attract new customers than to be a working banking services.
Phase 1 basically saw the launch of the token and the possibility of joining the service by signin up to reward and referral program.
From what I see on the whitepaper's official roadmap, we should be somewhere between Phase 1 and Phase 2, with the launch of mobile app and the first financial services (Earning on savings, crypo deposit and withdraw).

In the near future, more services are being released, including a non custodial wallet, fiat financial services and a debit card, with the main goal of transforming the whole thing in a very interconnected cross platform ecosystem.




The Team

I also made a very quick research to see who's behind the project of Hi.

This website (“our website”) is owned and operated by hi Foundation Limited, a non-profit limited by guarantee incorporated in Singapore with the address 3 Fraser Street, DUO Tower, #05-25, Singapore 189352.


Hi.com is a top class domain and Hi’s founders are pretty used to work and own very famous domains and projects.
Team includes the following people:

Stefan Rüst
Mover & Shaker of Tech
Former CEO of Bitcoin.com

Sean Rach
Superstar Marketer
Former CMO of Crypto.com | The Best Place to Buy, Sell, and Pay with Cryptocurrency

Pierrick Jamaux
Crypto Expert

Sam Christian
Entrepreneurial Marketer

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