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Airdrop hunting - Looking for the next gem

Everyone involved in crypto knows that one of the best ways to be rewarded for being an early adopter is by receiving airdrops. An airdrop could lead to a significant amount of money if are smart and early enough to become eligible: by airdropping tokens, platforms can create a base community of users that are interested in exchanging, holding or staking the token.
One the most talked projects in the last weeks in crypto communities is Grass, a green network that sells unused bandwidth from users that install the browser extension to big data companies and AI industries.
I think the concept might be somehow similar to what Honeygain used to do a few years ago.

At the time of writing, Grass rewards users with a point system that could lead to an Airdrop in the future. If you read carefully FAQs you'll notice that the airdrop is just a rumor, but rewards will be sent out anyway, in the form of staked token, shares, or even gift cards.

I've been using the extension for a couple of weeks and I have to admit that earning point is quite easy, all you have to do is register and install a Chrome extension. That's how easy it is.

As an early adopter, you’re not only getting rewarded for selling unused bandwidth, but also gaining a stake in a future network that could index the entire web.

We're committed to rewarding our early adopters by granting them a stake in a network that is destined to become the source of truth for decentralized AI. By joining Grass, you're not just selling unused bandwidth, you're claiming your stake in the future. Secure your place today in this revolution and be a part of something that is set to redefine the online world.

During the Beta phase, you'll earn Grass points. At the end of the beta these will be retroactively converted into network ownership.
While direct cash-out options aren’t currently supported, we’re exploring additional payment methods, including gift cards. We will be informing our community about these developments as they occur, so join our Discord community and Twitter for future updates.


The project is quite hyped at the moment: recent news saw the launch of the extension for browser, improvements of the reward system, the launch of the app for Android and a funding round valued $3.5 Millions to become the Oracle for Decentralized AI.
The project is backed by the team of Wynd Network.

As usual, DYOR, before start using a service or a protocol: Grass claims the data protection is their top priority and that data is not used by them or Wynd Network. They claim that browser extension has no access to personal data and that they vet only the best companies and universities to use network resources. These companies would include Fortune 500s, as well as institutions like Colleges and Universities.
Sharing Internet bandwidth is no joke, and if you choose to do so you must always keep an eye on who uses it.


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Grass Get Paid For Your Unused Internet

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