A job of the future: Manifold NFT Gallery Curator

As we are approaching a new (hopefully) bull run, many platforms that spent the last two years developing and testing new protocols and new ways to interact with blockchains are slowly coming out form the dark.

One of the most interesting concept I’ve seen recently is the new “share and curate” model provided by Manifold, a new NFT platform for creators. Providing a quite complete solution, with is own in-browser app “Studio”, Manifold operates on multi-chain (Ethereum, Base and Optimism).


What I really found interesting is the new curation model that allows users that have connected a wallet to generate sort of unique referral links to her spread the work of artists. If a piece is sold through the referral link, the curator gets 6.9% of the share, which is frankly a quite good percentage.

Nothing new from old fashioned referral programs, currently ran by a lot of platforms: the innovation here is that a single referral url can be generated for a single piece of art.


An example: go check this beauty by knylxart.eth

This new model opens up a bunch of possibilities for people who are able to build audiences to put some effort and starting promoting the work of artists they believe could have some kind of success.

Two years of bear market could have washed away a lot of speculative movements and huge non-sense FOMO investment, to focus on what is really revolutionary about NFTs: artists and their work.

Looking forward in the future, this kind of curator-artist model, which has always existed in the real world, could be transformed into something slightly different. The contract between these two figures in now on the blockchain, and everyone has the chance to become a curator and share some revenues.


Referral programs are one of the main marketing tool for many platforms, and they have a proven history of success. For me personally referral programs are one the main sources of crypto income to support the blogging activity.

I have had some success particularly with BetFury ,Cointiply and PipeFlare, but honestly I feel better promoting a young artist than on online betting platform.

My idea is to start promoting some artists on Manifold with a sort of “Artist of the month” interview, stay tuned!


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