A gift from Mars - dropped Easter Egg NFT to 30.110 lucky users

I'm pretty sure everyone here around remember that a couple of months ago, one of most famous ce-fi crypto exchanges in the world, went full mainstream with a very ambitious TV commercial.
The video, whose title was "Fortune Favours The Brave", was a tribute to the early adopters of platform, all users who believed in the project and took it so far. Featuring Matt Damon - I mean MATT DAMON - the commercial was the first time I realized how far crypto has gone in the last years in reaching mainstream audiences. I really believe everyone has now heard of crypto, even my 80 years old father, and knows at least one bif company. If you need further evidence of that, LA basketball cathedral Staples Center is now Arena. Wow.

The Easter Egg


Even if the video was played like, A LOT, currently over 10M views on Youtube, I'm sure that not everyone around noticed that Guys at hide a little easter egg inside the video, to further reward all its users (at least those of them who has a very good sight or read crypto news daily ;)

At minute 00:46 of the video a very blended QR code was visible for a few moments (it's currently been removed form the video on Youtube, I guess they must have uploaded an updated version of the video).



By pointing at QR code with their smarphones, observant users were able to land this secret page that promoted the launch of NFT platform, offering a free NFT as a reward.


The NFT, part of the Marscapes collection, was airdropped a few hours ago to 30.110 lucky users who found the code. The Airdrop was anticipated by this message, that provided further information on rarity tiers of the event.

“Marscapes” is a unique collection that is inspired by the extraordinary sights on the Red Planet. Your NFT will fall under one of the following five rarity tiers. The earlier you claimed the collectible, the rarer it will be.

Tier 1: “Iani Chaos” (10 Editions)
Tier 2: “Hellas Basin” (100 Editions)
Tier 3: “Promethei Planum” (1,000 Editions)
Tier 4: “Valles Marineris” (10,000 Editions)
Tier 5: “Gale Crater” (20,000 Editions)


The different NFT are alredy being sold on the platform at various prices, starting from around 10$ for the most common ones.

I personally received "Valles Marineris", and I'm pretty satisfied with it. All the collection is inspired by Mars landscapes, and evry NFT is made by a loopable video with a very good ambient SFX.
I will keep it for a few days just to monitor the market of these pieces, but I believe I'm gonna keep them long term and see if something happens!
Meanwhile, I will seriously keep an eye on NFT platform for my upcoming NFT project



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