Low Cost Play-To-Earn Game: Farmers World

By andrph | andrph | 17 May 2022

Farmers World is a browser-based, play-to-earn game built on WAX blockchain. It's currently ranked top 4 in dappradar with about 220,000 players in the last 30 days. The game is fairly straightforward. You farm gold, food, and wood which can be exchanged to FWG, FWF and FWW tokens in decentralized exchanges like Alcor. You can also mint NFTs through crafting and buying from the in-game market which you can use in-game or sell in the secondary market like Atomic Market.

To get started, head off to https://play.farmersworld.io/. Although, there is no free starter kit, the entry-level tools can be had for about $5 total or 25 WAX (as of this writing). This already includes a mining excavator to farm gold for 18 WAX (rare), a saw to farm wood for 2.2 WAX (uncommon) and a fishing net to farm food for 2.5 WAX (uncommon). You can eventually craft these and other better farming NFTs once you have enough wood and gold. 

As any other WAX game, Farmers World requires WAX staking for resources so be sure to have enough staked so you can seamlessly play the game.

To start farming, you will have to wear your mining NFTs. Mining attempts require energy which you can buy using food. Max energy when starting is 500. One food is equal to 5 energy so you would need 100 food to get 500 energy. Each tool has its own charge time and energy requirement depending on the type and rarity level. Each mining attempt decreases the durability of your NFTs. Once the durability hits zero, you will be unable to mine anymore. Don't worry, you can repair your NFTs but each repair will cost gold. Do take note that you cannot remove farming NFTs that need repairing, The game necessitates a certain level of resource management as you need to be careful with your energy consumption, gold and NFT usage as well as WAX resources so always keep an eye out on these things.

The game layout is simple. Home shows access to all farming nodes and corresponding NFTs worn: food, gold and wood. Available resources are at the top and will always show regardless of where you are in the game. 


Chest will show you all NFTs you have, worn or not. Farming tool repair is available either through Chest or Home. 


Smithy allows you to craft NFTs to farm or boost your productivity.


Exchange allows you to swap your food, wood, and gold into their corresponding tokens previously mentioned - FWG, FWW and FWG. You can also withdraw or deposit these tokens in this section. By the looks of it, I will secure my $5 initial investment 40 days from when I first started if we're just gonna consider my gold farming output. Anything beyond that is already a gain.


The map will show you your entire farm which is currently limited to mining, plants, cows and chickens. To access the other three farm segments, you will need to craft through the Smithy or buy additional NFTs such as land plot, cow shed and chicken coop from the in-game market or Atomic. You can then plant seeds and raise cows and chickens afterwards.


Compared to other games out there, Farmers World does look basic and is indeed still basic. There is hardly any storyline except the one in their Our Story page so it's hard to connect emotionally to the game.  I would also love to see referral rewards to incentivize players to grow the community as well as a more comprehensive About Us page to outline who leads the project and paint a veneer of trustworthiness. There are other features on the way such as additional crops, new characters and items, and even iOS and Android support. Unfortunately, the last community new on their webpage is last February so it could use a little update.

If you're into low effort P2E gaming, then this game might be for you. And as always, this article is in no way a financial advice. Just something I discovered along the way. :)



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