BATTLE OF MARATHON, 490 BC: Blog Upload Coming Soon (+ memes)
Marathon meme

BATTLE OF MARATHON, 490 BC: Blog Upload Coming Soon (+ memes)

Sorry it's been a while - I've had a lot of work commitments to make recently, and blogging has had to unfortunately come second to that.

I have slowly been working on the next blog, and I'm nearly done.

It's a shame this post in particular has had to wait so long, since it's on such a famous and pivotal event in world history.

All I can promise is that it will definitely be up within the next week.

Feel free to catch up on any other blogs I've made in the meantime:

All feedback, positive and negative, is always welcome.


Much love, guys <3


... OK fine, here's some Marathon memes:

marathon meme 1


marathon meme 2


marathon meme 3


marathon meme 4


marathon meme 5

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