The Achaemenid Persian Empire, 559 - 330 BC
The Achaemenid Persian Empire, 559 - 330 BC

The Achaemenid Persian Empire, 559 - 330 BC

Historical educational posts on Ancient Persian history. I'll be covering Persian history stretching from the founding of the empire under Cyrus the Great, to the fall of the empire under Darius III, covering topics ranging from daily life in the empire to all-out warfare. I'll also be looking a lot into Greek history, and their infamous conflicts with the Persians throughout history. All feedback, positive and/or negative, is very welcome. Hope ya learn plenty-a-stuff! :)

ARTAXERXES I, 465 - 424 BC: The Long-Handed Shah

4 Jun 2022 5 minute read 0 comments YouveBeenGreeked

Alongside his predecessors Cyrus, Cambyses and Darius, and thanks to his campaigns in Greece, Xerxes has gone down as perhaps one of the most well known of the Shahs of Persia. However for many, the main part of Xerxes's story ends following his with...

THE RISE OF XERXES, 486-480 BC: Start of the Second Invasion

29 Jun 2021 17 minute read 10 comments YouveBeenGreeked

Defeat at Marathon left a bitter taste on Darius’s tongue; not only had Athens not been punished for their part in the burning of Sardis, but now, outnumbered, they had humiliated his forces in open battle. The king hastened to send envoys to all cor...

DARIUS THE GREAT 2, 522 - 486 BC: Expanding an Empire

17 Jan 2021 25 minute read 10 comments YouveBeenGreeked

Like Cyrus, Darius was not just a brilliant ruler, but an equally brilliant conqueror. Under his reign, the Achaemenid Persian Empire would reach its territorial height, with borders stretching from Greece and Libya in the West to Central Asia and In...

DARIUS THE GREAT, 522 - 486 BC: Administrating an Empire

8 Jan 2021 17 minute read 7 comments YouveBeenGreeked

Born in 550 BC, Darius came to the throne following the Conspiracy of the Seven in 522 BC at the age of 28. He would rapidly go on to prove himself a more than competent military commander and a brilliant administrator of his empire. His opportunity...

THE CONSPIRACY OF THE SEVEN, 522 BC: From Cambyses to Darius

11 Nov 2020 16 minute read 2 comments YouveBeenGreeked

The Achaemenid Persian empire stands today as one of the most successful and largest empires in world history. It provided the entire Middle East with unity, stability and prosperity for a little over two centuries. However, one chapter in its early...

CAMBYSES II, 530 - 522 BC: The Mad Persian Shah

6 Oct 2020 9 minute read 8 comments YouveBeenGreeked

Cambyses II so far proved a successful successor to his father Cyrus after conquering the age-old civilisation of Egypt in one swift campaign. However, it wouldn't be long before religion and espionage put this Shah into deep paranoia, temporarily pl...

CAMBYSES II, 530 - 522 BC: Heir to Cyrus the Great

1 Oct 2020 12 minute read 0 comments YouveBeenGreeked

INTRODUCTION Cyrus the Great died in 530 BC whilst fighting in the north-east against the Massagetae. His successor was his eldest son Cambyses, now Cambyses II. He carried out his father’s pre-made plans to conquer Egypt. He had a fleet organise a n...


10 Aug 2020 1 minute read 0 comments YouveBeenGreeked

"He who wants a rose must respect the thorn."   "Once I had the strength but no wisdom.Now I have the wisdom but no strength."   "Don't cut down the tree which gives you shade."   "It takes 10 pounds of common sense to carry 1 pound of learning.1 pou...

CYRUS THE GREAT 2, 559 - 530 BC: The Conquest of Babylon, and his Downfall

9 Aug 2020 11 minute read 6 comments YouveBeenGreeked

Founder of a new dynasty, Cyrus's conquests had proven to be rapid, taking out the Medean and Lydian Empires within the span of a few years. His next target would be perhaps the richest and most prestigious city of the east - Babylon - and his ambiti...

CYRUS THE GREAT, 559 - 530 BC: The Conquests of Media and Lydia

6 Aug 2020 18 minute read 1 comment YouveBeenGreeked

Cyrus was born into royalty in c.590 BC. When his father Cambyses I died, Cyrus, now Cyrus II, took over as ruler of the Achaemenid dynasty in 559 BC, expanding his territory further than ever before. Not just a conqueror, Cyrus showed great mercy an...