Silver Backed Crypto? Gold too? It's the logical Re-valuation Main St. Revolution...
900lb  Silver Backed Crypto 'Gorillas' coming our way?

Silver Backed Crypto? Gold too? It's the logical Re-valuation Main St. Revolution...

Here is the truth about Silver price suppression courtesy of JP Morgan #thuglife player CEO Jamie Dimon, the ultimate WS gangster hording the metal and over papering the silver market.. circa Dec 2nd, 2021



This crap perpetrated by Dimon and executed by the NPC minions at JP Morgan is illegal Racketeering pure, too bad no one in the US has the legal gnads to go after him and put him in jail and, confiscate and repatriate all JP Morgan's silver to the US Treasury.


The re-valuation of US currency can start with the US Govt cancelling ALL of JP Morgan Silver paper certificates and contracts, replaced by the US Treasury with a simple first come, first serve exchange program  of  US Treasury supplied real silver metal bars and coins and/or new US 100% (no fractional reserve shite please) silver backed notes at the new re-valuation for all silver certificate holders, using a you snooze you lose model for those holding silver paper certificates.  


So all you US silver stackers need to get on your local Fed Rep and Fed Senator to get the above going, no?   You can read a bit more about the Silver backed crypto argument from this article by FX Empire  here circa May 2021  


Read a bit more here about the US Treasury Seal  graphic shown above used in 1878 only once for Silver backed notes.    


The best thing that could happen for the Main St. Economy and the revitalisation of Cash use (Crypto won't help you in an EMP blast situation)  is for the US govt. to blow up this current corrupt, over papered and JPMorgan  hoarded silver market price suppression shite and replace this illegal Racketeering,  backed by the buying power eating US FIAT Note IOU,  by having the US Treasury and US Mints back and produce new US Currency backed by hard metal stores of vale as new US $100, $50, $20 Dollar Notes backed 100% with Silver & have the bigger US$200 and larger Notes backed by Gold, exchangeable for Gold coins and bars, as the US, Canada and Mexico mines all have lots of it.. (add in the Vatican vaults of stolen gold as well)  


a52f7be98317423f6652ece7a9b3617bc64cf6a41ed0376d9a8e91d246de538b.jpg   The 900lb Silver Backed Crypto Gorillas to the rescue? Not yet.., still busy foraging to stay alive...  


Cryptocurrency             MarketCap(Dec 2/2021)               Reality Check   


SilverCoin                            Market Exchange              Website loaded         


Silverlink     LNKS                     ?                                   website would not load


SilverToken                              ?                                    website would not load


Silver Stonks                     US $ 906,906                       Website loaded        




Surprise,  surprise, silver backed crypto is an early market with a few players still behaving like carpet crawlers, early days stuff for sure.   Imo, if the US govt want to serve the US people best,  they could start asap by actively stimulating this nascent silver backed crypto market to blossom,  that is the US Govt  should tender the operation of  asset backed crypto blockchains  as liquidity exchanges matched to a US network of secured bullion vault reserves to back up the olnine electronic versions of US Silver backed money, requiring each exchange to have 100% reserves of Silver in physical vaults to first bid and then get selected to operate such distributed elextronic exchanges 'DEXs'.    Which means these Silver exchanges can employ the chains with TPS @ scale (#Solana, #DOT, #ETH 2.0, #IOTA , #BTC etc..)  supporting  #EVM Ethereum Virtual Machine side-chain Smart Contracts  and, Crypto Fintech developers can add Solidity(ETH/SOL/IOTA) Rust/WASM(IOTA) and Go(IOTA) ERCxxx  or BTC(Taproot) Smart Contracts supporting silver backed tokens offered in US denominations  from these proposed US Silver  exchanges instantly re-create the US and world economy very quickly

backed by real silver bullion in registered vaults under private ownership.  




Silver backed crypto could create a Supernatural Main St. win over WS Financial Market evil


  Meaning these proposed, US Treasury regulated Silver Distributed Exchanges could be the 'Silver Bullet' Good-bye to the collection of nefarious demons operating the World Bank, IMF and Central Bank Digital Currency shite, stealing our buying power daily, via the printing of more FIAT money.   Think about it, Silver Stacker, for Silver to be on par with Gold as a store of value at current Gold prices today, such a series of Crypto Backed Silver Exchanges as proposed,  at minimum  would mean a 3-X rise in the price of  physical Silver from approx. US 22.32 today to 67.00, based on the GoldSilver chart at the beginning of this post..  


So a current sized US Silver stamped $1 collector coin in crap shape with 99% purity from the 1960s would be worth US $67 IF the US AG would charge and arrest Dimon and apply current US Racketeering laws against him and JP Morgan.   For daily future use silver, using the US $1 coin from the past as reference, silver coin could form for daily use in highest denomination size should be roughly a little larger than 1/4 of the old $1 size and you have a US $20 coin , which makes perfect sense, about the size of a Quarter,   Where there is also a silver Note of US$20 and US $10   divide by 1/4 again to US dime size to get a US$ $5 dollar silver coin  


Then you Denominate notes US $50 $100 in Silver, exchangeable for US $mint silver coins   All other notes large you back with gold.. US $200 or higher  


This keeps the coin operators happy and Main St. Cash transactions growing.  


Then bring back REAL copper for $1 dollar 25 cent 10 cent 5 cent coin form to fill out the currency offer tied to a crypto copper backed set of distributed DEXes and copper vaults as well.  


Together with the DEX network for crypto backed by silver and maybe even copper proposed above, imo the world would indeed move back to sound hard store of value equity based Economics and say goodbye to the Keynesian Klutzonomic Katstrophe we find ourselves in now.   


Any takers out there for this type of plan?  


TK over and out.. ;)

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