Best Faucet Ever! FF

Best Faucet Ever! FF

By Tactic Trades | Amp2r- Tactic Trades | 21 Aug 2021

Hello Guys! 

My name is Tobias and i am a Swedish 26years old guy. I wanna tell you all my best Advice to you guys, how i made some good extra income in Crypto's without any investment. Or it is some investment becuase you need to give it some time.. 

First of all you need to download Brave Browser:

From Brave Browser you will get some Crypto called BAT to your Account/Wallet.

But first of all, you need to setup your wallet, and before you can use the Exchange/Market you need to Earn or Buy 15 BAT, it is 10usd.

if you dont buy, it takes around 3-4month to reach it, but when you are there, you can Exchange all your Cryptos for Zero Commission! 


After you have downloaded Brave Browser and you are all set, you could earn BAT on many another ways:

Brave is 3x faster than Chrome! 

Alright, when you are on this step, here i will give you my best Faucet/Mining site i ever used, i have earned around 50$ in 2 month.



I really love this Faucet.. You make some tasks, filling surveys and earn around 2$everyday easy.

Use my link to get some extra.

What i am doing, i am sending all my earned coins to my uphold wallet, then i buy dogecoin becuase dogecoin to the moon! 


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Tactic Trades
Tactic Trades

Hello i am a 26 years old man from Sweden who just started with the market, and i love the Stock Market!

Amp2r- Tactic Trades
Amp2r- Tactic Trades

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