Bullish Fest on cryptomarket: Top 3 players breaking key resistances.

This week is a great week for bullish traders on crypto markets. We are going to analyze few important cryptos to see what has just happened.


As you can observe in the following graph. Bitcoin increased by 2,000 dollars in one single week. Rising from 6,000 to 8,106 dollars, that's a 39% increase. An important barrier of 8,000 has been reached. Bitcoin has been maintaining within the level of USD7,800 and 8,200 dollars in the last 2 days. Probably Bitcoin is catching a breath for another spike, meanwhile this short break helps altcoins to recover. The emperor continues with 57% dominance. 




Ethereum:  Let's have a deeper look at Ethereum, the second most important player in terms of market capitalization.



People are often quite unfair with Ethereum, they are talking over and over Bitcoin success but this coin almost rose 40% in the last week. The key resistance of 220 dollars has been reached on May 14th. Today the second crypto did a pretty good job, increasing value by 15.7%. The dominance in the market broke the level of 10% finally reaching 10.1% today.


XRP: Ripple 

XRP was stuck in its flat trend in the first 4 months and 13 days of this year. It was between 0.29 and 0,36 USD. Not much has been happening with it. But last Monday since 8 pm CET, things shifted for third most important player, specialized in the financial sector. It grew over 45.6% in the last 7 days, in terms of dollars -  11 cents more per ripple. Investors start to like XRP again, its dominance is extending to 7.26%. In terms of % growth it has been winner of this week.



XRP. But its perspective shifted last 190903265-9377848206f416e3665012fd7a4d45e7d67b0ec8f2d6c3714606a8bc89d9f9b0.png



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Amazing world of cryptos
Amazing world of cryptos

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