Bitcoin Cash is having another bull run + 7.8% gain in the last 24 hours.

If you want to acquire Bitcoin Cash below 500 dollars probably these are the last days.

Bitcoin Cash increased  almost 8% in the last 24 hours. Now it's trading at arond 423 dollars. 29 dollars more than yesterday. Bitcoin Cash reached its maximum on May 29th, climbing up to USD 467 dollars. In the last two weeks there was a 20% correction downwards.

Bitcoin Cash is strongly correlated to BitcoinUSD price, so Bitcoin Cash was following the  short term bearish/flat trend in the last two weeks. 

In the following graph you can observe the 7 day week evolution of BCH/USD price:


This top crypto major player started to increase in the last night as you can observe in the graph.

The market capitalization is 7.555.598.144 US$.

What I was observing in the previous strong bull runs that the currency had around 60-70% increase. In case it follows this pattern, BCH may reach up to USD 650 in the next two weeks but we have to be cautious also about it because in the crypto market there have been recently some adjustments.

Remember that inspite of any great technical analysis there might be also certain reversals in the market. So I always say, that technical analysis on the long run has an accuracy max of 75%.

Bitcoin Cash has been a very profitable currency during 2019, rising from 162 dollars on January 1st to 423 dollars on June 13th, that´s 271 dollars increase this year.


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Amazing world of cryptos
Amazing world of cryptos

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